WK Expansion Pack (Anki Deck) Issue

I wasn’t sure where to post this as the “Some Supplemental Material” Thread was locked a long time ago, but there is a MEGA link to the WK Expansion deck as an Anki deck. However, it requests a decryption key that isn’t listed anywhere. Does anyone know what that decryption key is? I ask as I’m running out of my current decks and wanted to add that one in to my set.

Use the link in The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

I might as well tag @hinekidori

Which link would that be? There’s only one for the Memrise course, as far as I can tell. In the Supplemental Material thread there’s this: Link to Anki Deck , which is the one asking for a decryption key.

Here you go.


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Much appreciated!

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