Hinekidori's Core 10k Anki Deck

Hi guys, does anyone have an alternative link to this anki deck? The mega link chokes up at 4.5 mb for me. I’m having problems with the deck broken up into pieces as well, it chokes up on the third part every time. Thanks a bunch!


Big Anki decks are always a problem. I have got this deck and others to download simply by being persistent and trying a few times. It is a big nuisance, for which I have never seen an adequate solution.

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I can’t help you with Anki, but you could try the web-hosted version on https://kitsun.io if you don’t mind changing platforms. Full disclosure: it will be a paid service in a month or two (not sure exactly when). But it’s nice not having to worry about downloading and managing the decks yourself, among many other benefits.


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