Does anyone have a copy of 10k WK Breakdown they can link to?


I have lost my copy and the old link (here) doesn’t work.


The link seems to be working for me…


10K WK link asks for an encryption key.!4ApQDRqD!

Link in MC is to the original thread…


If that link works for you could you download it and post it somewhere else?


That link asks for encryption key from me as well…

Is there something wrong with this link or am I missing something?!AdRjlZoL!FZoz3f3jq4oFUvwa59-AN3yKuQn-mFuIgNDftHtJ8n0


Two separate packages.


I’m an idiot… I see what you’re saying now.


Found this on the forums!!4ApQDRqD!Wpd4NmVhp7Ny4-nksAc5_l45-XcFEshTjOx_pOdshko

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Any success?

By the way, I have this one in my Dropbox
10k WK Breakdown__7 - お負け Bonus.apkg

I do have the whole “10k WK Breakdown” in my MEGAsync Downloads, but it would be suicidal to upload it.


Here you go -!4ApQDRqD!Wpd4NmVhp7Ny4-nksAc5_l45-XcFEshTjOx_pOdshko

Recommended Xk core anki deck

whispers What is the 10k WK breakdown?


I think it is the unofficial anki deck for wanikani? Idk, might not be right on that one.


This makes sense, I guess thats what the WK part is for. =/
I kept looking at it like…ten…thousand…weeks… this sounds horrible.


Core 10K vocabularies (from, I think), broken down by WaniKani kanji.

So, there is Lv 1-60, and then Lv 61.1 - Kana; Lv 62.2 - the remaining vocab.

See the threads => So Much Vocab! and Some Supplemental Material

It was done in Anki, though…


Surprised the owner of WK is allowing this since it’s technically doing the same thing as the site only offline without any subscription required…


It’s just a deck for vocabulary sorted by WK kanji level. Nothing wrong with that.
WK doesn’t own copyright on words, the concept of levels or the SRS system.


A deck that mimics the look and feel of the site…


Straight out of Anki…it’s a straight clone of the site layout.

EDIT: Just for confirmation. I showed that screenshot to some people who use WK and they thought it actually was WK. So yea, I guess in the end it’s up to the creator but IMO that deck should be considered a siterip and piracy.


It treads a fine line, I remember one guy here who didn’t want to pay but wanted to “borrow” someone elses API key for “reasons.” Even though it was obvious.

On the other hand though, this is really helpful for someone like me who doesn’t want to go and have to manually suspend every single WK vocab in the 10K deck.


Just to be clear, I have passed my decks by Koichi for approval prior to sharing. If at any point he asks me to pull them down I will remove the links. In the end these were meant as a supplement to WaniKani for content they do not currently provide, though there is some overlap in vocabulary as well as Kanji they have updated later.