With 13 days to spare

I just reached level 60, and still a bit in a daze. Not quite done, since I haven’t done any of the lessons yet, but worthy of a brief pause. Just in time for my move to Japan in less than two weeks… I’ll take it as a good omen.

Not much advice to share. My rule was to never do more than 1/4 of my lessons on a given day. (Except for the last 4 levels, when I decided this needed to get done.) That kept the load reasonable over the two years I worked on this. Of course, at times real life intervened, and I had to take pauses on a few occasions. The reviews never stopped–if I have gaps there it’s because of international travel messing up my schedule :slight_smile:

The WK community was very helpful, even if I didn’t participate. The tips, the encouragement, the apps people have written: very impressive, and helped me keep my momentum.

For those who want the pretty stats, here they are!



You have been granted permission to eat cake


Awesome, grats! Care to share what you’re going to do in Japan? New job?


Thank you! No cake in the house right now, so I made do with ube flavor ice cream :slight_smile:


I work for a software company in Massachusetts, and they asked me to start up a small team in their Tokyo office.

It’s quite exciting, especially since conversation around the office is in Japanese and my skills are not very advanced. WK has helped with some parts (documentation, emails from Japanese customers), but the listening/speaking is going to be a challenge!


That’s awesome. And probably the best way to improve your Japanese skills :slight_smile:
Best of luck!!


Congrats! I note that you weren’t significantly faster in the last 4 sessions (according to wk stats) when you took the whole new lesson at once rather than 1/4 as you suggested. Even though it’s just anecdotally, I like it because it seems to be some evidence that taking on all new kanji at once just makes you slower in the uptake and partitioning them into smaller (but not too small) segments is actually more chill and about as effective.

Have a good trip and stay in Japan!

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My personal experience is that spreading lessons out prevents me from relying on short term memory to get through the first half of the SRS levels. I can always tell kanji that I learned in a rush: I don’t have a weird story in my head. Instead I am relying on purely visual recognition, which then gets me into trouble with kanji that are very similar.


Hey arend! Congratulations on the big 6-0!! You made it to the top of the WK kanji mountain. :mount_fuji: Wishing you safe travels and a stress free move to Japan! :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy this German chocolate cake from the 1960’s, you deserve it!:


-Nick at WK


Congrats @arend !! I wish you good luck & success in starting your new career path :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! :partying_face: :tada:


Good luck for the future.

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Thanks Nick!

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Thank you Tanya–good look on your own journey to level 60!

@ekg That definitely takes the cake :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Thank you @HeyDuda32 ! Good luck with on your own paths through the many levels of WK!