Wish you could speed up 20% or 30%

I get it’s subscription based so they want to slow you down. But these 3 day periods where I have nothing to study and no meaningful reviews feels bad. I’ve been using jpdb in the downtime but would be nice to just use the resource I’m subscribed to


Level checks out.←[This was to note that they haven’t been doing WK enough to understand the pacing of of the program]

While the early levels its easy to get everything finished, the SRS is gonna catch up with you. It is “by design” but not in the way you’re insinuating though. There’s a reason every 10 levels has a different name for them.
↑ [This was genuine advice despite the initial condescension that WK is only in it for the money and we’re just a bunch of suckers]


That was amazingly condescending. Hope that makes you feel good about yourself. People have asked for the ability to mark kanji they already know and move on. Including people much more experienced than me. People have asked for the ability to speed up the lower levels. Including people much less experienced than me. While it’s noted that the SRS will catch up with you (still waiting for that) there is a lot more tuning that can be done to improve downtime.


I’m guessing that’s not the tone they were going for (at least I hope so), but it’s pretty common to get people in the earlier levels asking for some way of speeding up Wanikani.

They do have a point though as the SRS in place at the early levels is the same SRS that will punish you for going too fast later on. Maybe they could have an option to extend the shorter SRS of the first (I think) 3 levels until like level 10, but I think there’s a reason you don’t see level 30/40/50s complaining about Wanikani being slow.


I think this is mostly because they’re already doing something else for their studies, and already immersing, so they don’t mind if it’s slow.

But of course it adds up.


If you have a lot more capacity for studying I suggest spending the extra downtime between levels on doing more immersion (whether it’s reading, listening to, or watching something). The WK pacing is probably intended to prevent inexperienced SRS users from destroying themselves :person_shrugging:


I’m nearly level 43 and I think WK is slow. However, that isn’t OP’s point. They want the ability to speed things up when they know they have the time to handle it. For example, you could allow people to take on the next set of kanji and/or vocabulary early, or redefine the graduating interval as Apprentice 4. But OP pretty much nailed it: as a subscription based service, this would lose them money.

I use my frustration about this aspect of WaniKani as motivation to immerse and use Anki. That’s the goal after level 60, anyway. I like to view the cons of WaniKani ultimately as pros, because they motivate me to get off the platform ASAP. :stuck_out_tongue:


dont worry, after lvl 10 you have more than 100 lessons and then nightmare begins and a huge pile of review items.

I just got out of paradise and went to reality and it is no slow at all!

Daily I have 165 review items and 70 lessons waiting for me now.


Yeaaaaaaahhhh. I was just saying that at your level you haven’t got many, if any, higher level items waiting to be reviewed like others said. That’s just the reality of SRS and how the system works. Like others said, people above (as early as level 10) don’t complain about the pacing because A. They have other elements of their study plan that take up time. B. There’s a lot more items to review daily.
↑[Here I was just restating what I was trying to say in my initial post]


By the way, WK being “slow” has nothing to do with their business model. Otherwise, they would not offer a lifetime subscription. As other have said, it’s mostly to prevent users to overburden themselves.

I went virtually as fast as possible through the 60 levels (“virtually” because I could have shaved off 2h per level by doing reviews during the middle of the night… but that’s really overdoing it) with really high accuracy and by the end I had to go through ~400 items per day.

Going full speed means going through ~20+ new items per day, which is also what I used to do with Anki, so, no, I don’t think WK is that slow overall. I wish I could have tuned it to be faster anyway (since I knew most of the content), but I’m an edge case anyway. Adding that kind of customizability is rough for a small dev team.


You’ll be begging for it to slowdown if you plan on going full pace. There’s a lot of other things you can study to fill out your time. Put your extra time into grammar.


I originally made this account back in 2018, realized I couldn’t skip the hundreds of basic kanji that I already know by heart, and then immediately left. Now that I’m back to tough it out, I can’t have my dashboard heatmap show my activity from the “beginning” because there are four years of total silence on it. At this point, I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that I will need to slog through the lower-level snoozefests for quite a while until I finally catch back up, so I do very much understand what you want here.

I am so not a fan of the responses assuming that a lower level means you know nothing and somehow “aren’t ready”, like you lack a prefrontal cortex and can’t think in the abstract about how SRS functions. “The workload gets way more intense, just wait” like… okay…? I just don’t get why some responses on this are acting like OP is a child who doesn’t understand grown-up world. Everyone moves at a different pace, and also starts WaniKani knowing different things. I love WK very very much but I also agree that it’s missing some essential customization.


I found this incredibly frustrating at first too, and like many others, I soon reached a point where I always have lessons to do. But I also really do wish there was a speed adjustment for the first 5 or even 10 levels that allow people to go a bit faster if they want.


You should probably extend a little more charity that people are just suggesting that the poster might not understand why the system works the way it does. WK has users of all ages so its ok to assume people might not know or understand why you can’t just rank up as fast as possible. In regards to my comments it was joke about how later levels dont have this request (which I addressed in another comment here). It wasn’t an attack on the person being new. Everyone has to start somewhere.
↑[Trying to insist that I was coming from a good place despite being called “condescending.”]


If you space out lessons (only radical and kanji are important for the level up sytem), you can have vocabulary lessons during these 3 days. :slight_smile:


Yes. WK’s leveling system is pretty bad. As much as I like gamification I can’t figure why there are dependencies within a level that leave downtime like this especially when the rest of the content body seems aware of dependencies otherwise.

I don’t like these posts immediately jumping into the workload discussion. It’s completely ignoring that the structure of this site’s progression system prefers arbitrary benchmarks over having consistency in its lesson and review structure. It’s especially painful when other implementations of SRS systems seem to handle these issues better.

“Just study something else in the meantime” while reasonable, is also pretty dismissive of the problems WK has in this situation. Especially at low levels kanji knowledge is a huge roadblock to tackling native material and effectively studying other materials. I certainly didn’t feel like I could make the progress I wanted in my studies until I learned more, but WK’s “hey we’re putting the brakes on your daily activity because you’re one kanji short of a level up” shtick is fucking awful.

Edit: And this garbage is why I wasted many hours fiddling with scripts, external apps, and planning out my lesson periods. All of that “don’t do that it’s bad for your learning” crap this community parrots was directly the result of WK’s structure. As soon as I used any other system (Anki, Kitsun, JPDB, whatever) the motivations to engage in this community’s perceived bad behaviors went out the window.


It would be wildly generous to believe Wanikani’s NO SKIPPING NO SPEED CHANGE POLICY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES is for the sake of their users and not their profit. There are hundreds of use cases where users would want to advance faster and Wanikani doesn’t allow any of them. This is not for the sake of the users.

Wanikani is an incredible service but has unnecessary downtime. People just use other services in the downtime. But that doesn’t excuse the faults with Wanikani who should want to improve their service even more.


I literally have a pile of 103 “Lessons” to do but I’m choosing to manage my time by only doing a certain number of lessons per day.

When I was under-employed and in the lower levels, sure I wished I could speed up a couple Apprentice items but for the most part, by the time I reached the 10s and teens and 20s and 30s, I was overwhelmed by the amount of review items I was juggling.


It’s a business, but they wouldn’t offer things like lifetime memberships if it was solely for profit and didn’t have people that cared about the user experience to some degree. The people that work for WK need to eat but they still offer a way for you to not pay monthly with the lifetime subscription.

Also, ultimately the pace doesn’t matter if you are getting the words through reading and learning outside of WK. You could always study Kanji outside of WK. There’s no rule saying you couldn’t learn outside of WK.
↑[My last attempt to try and just be helpful]


I suppose there is some truth in this statement. But then again, why does the system allow the majority of the levels from 43-60 to be completed in 3.5 days instead of 7?