WK Payment Suggestion

I highly suggest selling lessons individually (and grouped) to those that want to bypass the time-based paywall…It sounds like people on average take a week to do a lesson so why not seem packs of 4 lessons for $10 and individual lessons for $3 each? Encourage people to retain they subs via lower prices but give options for others…

I work from home and have the luxury to be able to pause what I am doing for 5-10 minutes to do other things and WK would be great…except waiting an hour to review 2 kanji and then waiting another 1-5 hours to do that again is well, silly. I am actually setting an alarm on my phone to remind me when I have to look a kanji or two.

We all have different abilities, experience, levels of free time, etc so it’s in your interest to be more flexible with how you offer your product…take a page form the gaming industry; micro-transactions are a money maker…subscriptions based services are a dying breed.

Like the product, site, community, presentation and tracking…but please give me more options…

Cater to your customers…don’t dictate…don’t be Henry Ford: “You can have (a Model T) in any colour as long as it’s black.”


ps. To be clear…really like WK…this is not a flame.:grinning:

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Are you… suggesting a pay-to-win setup? :thinking:


LOL…nobody ever wins at studying Japanese… :blush:

The game just gets easier…


That defeats the purpose of SRS :slight_smile: - I would check out some of the WaniKani 3rd party apps that can notify you when your next review is. I use AliCrab on iOS.


I recommend you read up on the theory behind SRS. Even if they let you buy levels individually, you’d still have to wait. That’s the whole point. Once you get a few levels in you’ll have plenty to review so the slow pace is only a problem for a little bit.

P.S. Lifetime subscription costs $300, so they’d have to charge more like $25 per four levels or $7 per level to not lose money.


Notifications are not the issue…

SRS is a tool, yes, but it’s also a limiter. Not everyone learns the same way so…and again, I’m asking for the option to open-up the throttle a little.

Today (apx times):
6:30am: 2 kanji
8:30am: 2 kanji
1:30pm: 1 kanji
3:00: 9 kanji and 15 lessons (yay!)

Too slow…and this is pretty much watching the timer count down to the next availability. In all, maybe I’ve spent 5 minutes today ‘learning’…More time has been spent in this thread!

It’s slow now, but ever since I hit level 8 I’ve been behind in vocab and unable to catch up. Even right now I do WaniKani every day and am still 400 reviews and 254 vocab behind. It picks up. Let the SRS do it’s thing. If you really don’t want to wait, you can always look ahead to what you will be learning in the level or in later levels. When you get further in you can even do KaniWani to add to your workload.


I suggest you think about a business model that relies on subscriptions and how you would try to sell it to you customers that they must pay every month. Just a hint, it’s vastly in they benefit to have stable income so…This is a business; careful what you swallow.

If the pace gets too heavy or I want to revert to SRS or my time becomes more limited then great, I’ll change back to the sub model…

Money is not the issue here as I clearly stated I’d pay MORE for the option I suggested. My time is the issue.

This may backfire because people are less likely to finish to level 60 when they know a direct cost for per level and debate if the next level is really worth another $5. Also they may not make as much money overtime.

Wanikani is not a set book rather it gets updated and improved over time and they have web hosting costs to pay

Also lifetime is $300 so you could just signup for that and imagine you paid $5 per level.
If you wait until December there’s a good chance they offer a discount where lifetime is $200


Very true Papayaya…just asking for the option.

SRS is also not a fixed idea as in it there are flex bits too; intervals, quantities, number of repetitions, etc

I’m not knocking SRS just pointing out that it would be nice to have a bit more control of the throttle, whether it’s total as in my suggestion or like a volume knob where you can increase or decrease the flow depending on variables.

Ayyy, I didn’t know that they had those already. I made my own personal Discord bot that pings me whenever my lessons are ready. xD

Valid points Frosty but money is not the issue, time is.

I always have lessons and reviews to do, not good at keeping up with them as is. Wouldn’t need a bot to remind me xD

Give me your API and $10 a month and I would happily offer that service to you.


The start is slow because it’s the start. Isn’t it the case with most things? You can actually have pretty good control of the speed later on, with level length being anywhere between three days and forever depending on how long you take to complete it.

I feel like this graphic does an excellent job of explaining the slow start.

Trust me, WK isn’t slow. Just the first few levels, and that’s a big part of why the first 3 levels are free.


Since it seems the speed is your major problem, why not use something like Anki or Remember The Kanji? There have been many complaints about the speed, I doubt they’re going to change their entire system now so if you don’t like it the only option is to either suck it up or use another method.


I was trying to find that, need to save it lol need it often.
But yes the amount of reviews you need to do gets pretty high once you get up a few levels.

Maybe they can let people do first two levels at the same time so it makes the workload feel more at the start? I’m sure people would still complain there is not enough to do

Something customizable like Anki might work better for you. The beginning of WaniKani feels slow because there’s not much unlocked yet. If you absolutely cannot wait then this might not be the right method for you. The first three levels are free, perhaps after completing those you’ll change your mind, or pay for one month first and see how that works. WK is kind of a long term thing, you really gotta commit to it for a while but the results are worth it in my opinion.

Sorry for the weird English, I’m tired


A subscription model does give stable income, whereas your suggested model does not. So I don’t really get your point.

Anyway, I doubt WaniKani will add a way to avoid the SRS as it goes against their core philosophy. I think you’d be better off using a traditional flashcard app where you can study at your own pace.

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