Why would this not be correct?

I think there should be a way to be able to write multiple readings and still get it right so you don’t forget any or start doubting if it could also be read in another way.

You only need to answer with one reading. It doesn’t accept more than one.

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Don’t worry, you’ll be answering vocab words with にん and じん until the end of time. No chance you’ll forget those two are possibilities.

For something like 生, which has like 11 possible readings, it would just be a pain to accept multiple ones in the code.


The way that I do it is I just write one reading and then I’ll think about every reading that I can remember and check in the eye button thing if I’m right ^^


This. You need to give a reading, but if you bear in mind the others common one(s), you’ll do better as time passes. If you want to keep both well practiced, swap it out on reviews - ‘jin’ one time, ‘nin’ the next, etc.

No, not necessarily. With a little bit of easy coding you could separate an answer on each comma, and check each answer separately.

Of course i don’t know how WaniKani is programmed, and i am only a beginner programmer, but this seems easy in my mind.

Don’t worry. Before long you’ll be mixing them up in vocab eg 求人(きゅうじん), 悪人(あくにん)etc etc。

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Doable, but why bother? To be honest, it’d be a much bigger hassle typing them all in. It’s also contrary to the 80/20 principle.

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I’m an experienced programmer and not only would I not want to implement this, although easy, but from a usability perspective I wouldn’t want to put in multiple comma separated answers in Japanese on a phone, which is the primary way I use WaniKani.

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As i see it it should be that one answer would count as correct, but multiple correct ones do aswell, for extra correctness

I guess I misspoke. I didn’t mean to imply it would be hard to make code do what you want, but that it would be hard to decide how exactly they wanted it all to be handled. You have to start making lots more decisions once you allow people to input multiple answers. How will it all be handled clearly for the user? Right now it’s very simple. And I think many of the possibilities would not even become obvious until you started to try to implement it.

Basically, it’s a hassle to make it that way versus how it is now.

Not only a challenge from the back-end a technical perspective, but also a headache from the user experience point of view. Too many choices

It isn’t checked on the backend, WK only sends the result wrong/right to the server.

But it wouldn’t be challenging on the backend, too.

Anyway, seems completely useless to me, why bother.

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Well, just a few minutes of thinking about it revealed these issues…

Zetdude proposed that extra ones would just be extra, but there are problems with that.

What do you do if the user input more readings than exist? Does that count as correct?

What if there are 8 readings, and they input 8, but only one was correct. Does that count?

Does WK have to teach obscure and obsolete readings now too just so they can be accepted?

As I said, more issues would arise the more you actually tried to implement it.


All of that, plus, the fact that choosing to input several readings per item would slow down your review workflow.
It may seem okay when in low levels, but when you have 200 reviews a day, many wouldn’t bother to write all readings.

I completely agree, and echo the recent posters. Don’t worry though, you Will have countless of vocabulary to learn all the readings available on WK, and when you know the most Common ones, learning the other readings when finding Them in words outside of WK will get a lot smoother, since you A) know the meaning of the kanji and B) Now the most common readings for it.

That means that when you stumble upon a word outside of the WK box it will be a lot easier to Link that reading with the Word, since you have that foundation of the kanji already.

Sorry for possible weirdness, Im on my phone.

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