Who's the cute sounding new voice for 近々?

I noticed it only appeared in my review when I burnt it and not on the item page, but that definitely seemed like a new voice! Are there more from her? :o


I don’t think the female audio is “new” but nevertheless… :thinking:

I noticed that as well. Bummer that I can’t access it due to the audio only showing up in reviews but I do remember that the audio doesn’t really sound like Mami, the person who did the female voices before.

I don’t remember hearing this voice before. If I were on my desktop at the time, I’d have checked the source file just for curiosity’s sake. Of course, I could be wrong! However, I did love the recording.

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For some reason when I saw this thread title I thought 近々was an anime character


I remember seeing it reported in that thread that the new male voice recording was きんきん instead of ちかぢか, so I thought maybe they replaced it with a new version while they sort out this one, however when I went to the item page to listen to the audio, it properly said ちかぢか so now I’m confused :man_shrugging:

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I hope I’m not encouraging stalking here…

        "url": "https://cdn.wanikani.com/audios/39919-subject-3447.mp3?1553791291",
        "metadata": {
          "gender": "female",
          "source_id": 27633,
          "pronunciation": "ちかぢか",
          "voice_actor_id": 1,
          "voice_actor_name": "Kyoko",
          "voice_description": "Tokyo accent"
        "content_type": "audio/mpeg"

Hmm :thinking: so it is a new audio file. I suspect that the “Kenichi” file is still there, and probably newly updated. I’m curious why the Kyoko file is played during reviews for this item while the Kenichi one is played for the rest… :thinking:

This soon page still has male voice. :thinking:

The update came right after 近々 was introduced to me, so in reviews before the update the audio was female voice, after the update it was the new male one and days after it was back to female.

I really hope they add a female voice soon. I hate this new male voice.

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When I was in Japan I noticed I couldn’t understand men as well as I could understand women. I think this is partially because almost every learning resource has a female voice. I find this is the case for most languages.

The male voice isn’t as clear but I think it makes for good practice. Ideally I’d like it randomized between several different voices I think

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It’s not that, although I understand your point.
The previous male voice was OK, so was the female one. It’s how this person sounds that I don’t like. I’ve said this in another thread, but he sounds like a military general or something, like he’s demanding something from you with an authoritarian voice. I will memorize it if I want to, not because he’s telling me :laughing:


Lol I didn’t picture a military general but maybe now I will

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That is kinda what this thread is about, if you didn’t get a chance to read it all. Apparently a new female voice is in place, at least for 近々

I did. I just don’t know how soon. I hope it’s really soon, but i’m a month away to finish, so it’s not that big of a deal.

A month away from 60 doesn’t mean you’re a month away from finish. You’re not getting away that easily :wink:


Haha, that’s true. Still have plenty of reviews after that.
I’ve been so focused on reaching level 60… :sweat_smile:

I do like the forceful male Japanese voice style esp. in anime and I really like how articulate and clear the new male voice how he finalizes every syllable yet it’s kinda of flat, typical for male speech. Overall imo female voices suit the learning purposes much b/c women employ wider range of pitch and all that so it’s easier to imitate.


Excellent! I love this voice. I would like an option to hear both male AND female voice play after a review instead of one.