Who Has Reached Higher Levels with no Scripts? Raise Your Hands

The Font Randomizer Jitai that @windupbird mentioned is a great example of why script in and of themselves aren’t necessarily making things easier. Jitai is a script that actually makes your reviews take more time, at least until you get used to the fonts you choose to use.

Another example would be the “Close but no Cigar”-script which forces you to imput the exact correct answer in English instead of allowing some letters to be wrong.

So I firmly believe that the act of reaching higher levels without scripts really doesn’t say anything at all about how much effort you put in in comparison to someone who has used scripts. It is not a bigger achievement.

Scripts are neutral. there could be a script that makes you burn everything automatically, there could be one that changes the color of an element on the site, or there could be one that automatically marks all your answers as wrong. (I think all these three actually exist).