Where's the joke?

So recently Skype asked me try their new AI chatbot.
I asked it to tell me a joke in Japanese.
But I can’t understand where’s the joke.
Anyone can help?

Here’s a joke in Japanese:



I assume it’s supposed to be a situational comedy type thing? That this person went jogging before every meal, and also repeated the same routine each time. Of course they’re tired! Also, dang, that’s a lot of jogging!

The punchline felt a little off too. “And then when I thought today too that I should get up early (tomorrow) and go jogging…” It sounds like that’s supposed to be what’s actually made them so tired, but it’s just… Okay? No one’s making you?

I dunno. I agree that it’s not funny and doesn’t really feel like a joke either


I guess AI needs more work.

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In my experience AIs are very bad at jokes. I’ve asked an AI before to generate jokes about a specific topic in my native language and the jokes weren’t funny and most of them didn’t make any sense at all.

But who knows? Maybe there’s something funny hidden in there somewhere and I simply don’t understand japanese humour. :sweat_smile:


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