Where to next?

So friends, I have a question to ask of chu all! >w<///

It’s probably dumb but I’m just curious, so I’m planning to continue my kanji learning here, and pretty soon I’m planning to sign up to BunPro, so I can get some grammar knowledge (tho im a bit scared to join that before I know much vocabulary… o-o’)

What I’m wondering, else than trying to read and watch native content, what else should I do to add to my learning to make sure I dont reach like level 60 and then freak the heck out cuz i know LITERALLY nothing? (Speaking of which is it possible to get to level 60 and still have no clue what any Japanese thing period means?)

Also do you guys know any easy ways to find good native Japanese content on youtube?

What I’m really wondering is like how do I find more stuff I can learn from haha.

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Sure, basically any sentence more complicated than “this is a [noun]” will involve some kind of grammar that you will need to study elsewhere, and if someone does nothing but WK until level 60, they’d presumably not know that grammar.

Recently the series “The Making” on Youtube was recommended here, and I think it’s pretty good. It’s like the show How It’s Made, but each ep is about 14 minutes long and the content is described through captions rather than voice over.

As for how to find other stuff… search for what you like? I like golf, so I often watch Golf Channel Japan, which streams on Youtube, or just search タイガーウッズ or something.


Thank you very very much Leebo! This is helpful and the link you gave had some really nice things I could subscribe to so I appreciate it a lot! ^^

I’m definitely gonna have to try to find more things. It’s a bit weird when you’re still just like… How do I write anything, to search anything though? I know how to find vocaloid songs, with japanese subs but im just like I MUST FIND MORE STUFF TO WATCH >:3c

hmmm so i should probably look into more of certain things like… Otome game let’s plays, and drawing songs if I can find those hmmm.

Thank you again a lot! :sparkles:

Do you mean, like, literally write it, like computer input? Or, you don’t know how to make the kinds of phrases one would search if they wanted to find stuff in English?

I don’t know the kind of phrases to type to find stuff. Like I know how to type in Japanese but I’m just sitting here like oKAY SO WHADDO I SEARCH TO FIND THINGS XD

What do you like to watch in English on Youtube?

Art videos, especially ones where people are making like lolita fashion clothes, and speedpaints. As well as like youtube drama callout type videos, tho idk if thats a thing with Japanese youtube videos. And storytime videos are interesting too, but also not sure if that’d be easy to find.

For art videos, I would recommend things as simple as 絵を描く. As you find videos, they may introduce you to more specific keywords you can use.

For drama, things like 話題 and 炎上 would probably get you results.

I’m not sure what storytime videos are exactly, but that should get you started.

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Thank you very very much Leebo! Imma def be looking through stuff with these, I really really appreciate it!! :sparkles:

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I think there are better ways to learn grammar than BunPro. Imabi is a free site with a lot of basic, intermediate, and advanced grammar lessons. No testing of any kind, but the lessons are thorough and great.

Lots of textbooks out there would be better than using BunPro. I’m using the Genki textbooks, because that’s what was available to me. I won’t tell you where because I don’t know how the rules of the site view it, but you can definitely get these without paying for them.


Ooh okay thank you so much Leafyq!! I’m gonna try looking for this stuff, cuz haha heaven knows I need all the grammar help I can get. XD Thank you so very very much!

For let’s plays, just search the phrase 実況 or 実況プレイ and the game title. There are quite a few otome game lets plays out there especially if you search for videos on Niconico too.


Thank you so much Riya!! >w</ I’m gonna try looking for some of those for sure, thank you this means a lot! :>

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Are you planning to only study vocab through wanikani? Because it it’ll be a long time before you learn the specific words often used in beginner grammar. i would recommend just starting the grammar. It should have furigana at least, if not an actual wordlist to study and work with. Also many of the important words are kana only (think particles, desu…)

Ah! I’m also using renshuu.org to help with stuff like that thought I’ve been a bit slow because it doesn’t build upon itself so I get confused a bit without kanji knowledge.

And I’ve finally started grammar, this is good to know thank you! Grammar is really hard btw ;w; but IM GONNA DO MY BEST!

Thank you very much Saida!

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bunpro actually is already a great resource, cause they have links to different learning sites for each item but as much as i like having SRS grammar training, it’s probably better to use it as an additional tool and have a more or less traditional textbook you follow for a better in-depth learning experience.

i personally am very fond of the japanese from zero books, which are also available as online courses (i really hope he someday updates the site to more current design standards …) and the author himself made a video series to all the chapters, which also works quite well if you don’t follow the books.

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Ooh okay this is good information thank you very much! I’m gonna be looking into this!!! :sparkles:

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