Where do you find the time?

I find myself unable to find enough time to do much more than my daily ten lessons and reviews D: I wanna continue with my grammar studies but my life has just gotten so busy again…

Where do you guys find the time for your studies?


Every morning I do a short session before going to work and every evening when coming from work. Besides that it’s usually very small sessions for me (< 10 minutes) whenever I’m waiting on something.

It’s not important that you do many lessons / reviews or that you go fast. It’s important that you make it a habit and regularly use WaniKani, however many lessons you can fit into the time you can find.


Could you post you typical day schedule so that we can try and see where you can free up some time?


I guess I’m lucky (?) to be sitting in front of a computer all day long. Taking short breaks from work every now and then means I can do WK reviews and lessons. I try not to do WK reviews on mobile because I make more mistakes, but I’m okay with doing KameSame reviews on mobile because I don’t care as much if I put the wrong answer there.


Okay so… what my days look like. I get to work at 8:30, I do my reviews and then I do 10 lessons (what do you mean, ‘I should be working’? >.> <.< ). Around lunch-time I get the reviews from that morning and then I get them again in the evening, as well as those from earlier to be guru’ed, mastered or enlightened (and someday also burned).

I get home at around 18:00 and well, lately, my evenings have been quite busy too so I barely get enough time to do more Japanese. I also don’t really want to spend ALL my free time on Japanese because I have more hobbies and projects to work on too


Found your problem. :-/

These days I have time to: Work, eat, take a walk, sleep, SRS.

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Hi! I see that we have similar schedule. Since you’re going to work at 0830, I’d suggest to do reviews before that and lessons after you finish your work. It doesn’t have to be exact after 1800, prolly before your sleep time.

Something that I learnt about learning language is that it involves a lot of memorisation, and there’s a study shows that morning is a good time to recall things you’ve learnt, hence I suggest it for review session, while evening is a great to learn new info, thus take up lessons during this time.

I hope this helps in a way. Goodluck! :smile:


I can relate.
Would be perfect if I could spend 2 or maybe even 3 hours on studying Japanese every day, but most of the time I’m happy if I even manage 30 min.
I try to do reviews on my phone whenever I have some free time. The wrap up function is pretty helpful for situations like that, lets me do quick 10 reviews and then I move on to other things again.

It can be hard to stay motivated when you have so little free time, or even to stay focused after a long day which results in more mistakes than there should have been. But just remember that its not a race, you will get there eventually as long as you keep it up. Don’t give up and try to do your reviews every day, even if its just 10 of them.

Good luck!! :+1:


I do some grammar lessons on Bunpro when I’m at the gym. If I didn’t do that I wonder if I’d ever study grammar these days.


Learning Japanese, working full time, doing other hobbies…


reading WK forums all day long :sweat_smile:


When Japanese language hears that you want to have other hobbies


I take a train to go to work, so I can do some WK while waiting for the train and on the train. And as I work on a computer all day, I can use short pauses to do some more WK.

What transportation do you use to go to work? Is it possible to do some Wanikani during transit?


roughly 15/20 minutes of cycling to train station, then only 7 minutes in the train and then walking to work for another 15/20 minutes. barely enough time for Japanese sadly :frowning:

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We should ask @Jun-ko how she managed to create intricate cosplay costumes and learn Japanese at the same time.


Try to read up on a small grammar point while on the train and then listen to a few examples, using that grammar point, while walking to work afterwards. Getting a grammar point not right away, feels not as bad as failing some kanjis while being under time pressure.
Also reading multiple times the same grammar point in a short time frame is not bad, compared to the “forced” delay of SRS from WK.
Maybe that way you can allocate some more time to WK while at home/on the pc.

Also make sure that you do low SRS items first. Reviewing a low SRS item after a short time, like Apprentice 2, is more important than doing an Enlightened item right when it comes up again.


I do 15 minutt session each night and morning. I also do as many revews as i can on the buss to and from work. i get alot more mistakes on the buss, especially since i’m not a native english speaker, but i just see that as an way to learn the Words even more.


I just wanted to echo:

If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend you read Atomic Habits. But basically, your life is always in flux right? And as a journey, Japanese learning is very very long. Years. The actual loss from going down from 30min to 10min a day is negligible if you consider the alternative: stopping.

If you consistently do your reviews at set times, 5 minutes per session, whatever your “absolute” bottom line is, you’ll be okay. Eventually things will shift, time will clear up, etc, and you’ll find yourself with more time. On the flip side, if you don’t do those 10 minutes a day, you can quickly find yourself stopping for months, losing your progress, and having to start over, or worse, quitting.

I recently had to downgrade from like an hour a day to roughly 15 min, but then today I got a random day off, so I’m crunching what I can. Over the weekend I made some time to grind some items and I’m hoping to get through A1, A2, and A3 for some of the 52 lessons I have waiting :P.

Also, key thing I learned, ditch the lessons if you don’t have time. When you do more lessons you’re stacking your future work load, which you already can’t handle because you had to reduce time! It means you won’t level, but you can think of it as standing your ground until time opens up :slight_smile:


I have a repetition system in place. I do 10 lessons every day, and it takes about an hour for me. Radicals are shorter but kanji, I write the kanji, its meanings and its readings. For vocabs, I write down any new readings it introduces and then I also read the example sentences to try and comprehend them. Since this is at work, it does take a little bit longer.

Problem is not the habit. Problem is that I can’t really seem to free up more time for grammar and such :frowning:


Reading that whole thread it looks as if you guys are so overthinking about Wanikani. Maybe it’s because I’m just at the beginning of it but I do like 40 reviews a day, sometimes with lessons, but I try hard not to keep all that exceeding 50 a day. I do it in the morning and evening, a bit. It’s not that tiresome and takes me like 20-30min. And I feel I progress a lot, just not at rocket speed.

The way I see it, it’ll take me years to learn japanese anyway so there is no point in rushing the lessons. Typically I try to learn new lessons once I’m guru in most items I have queued, so I don’t feel overwhelmed.
I just do as I please, whenever it becomes a chore is when I will stop it. So I just take it as chill as I can, block by block.
Maybe I’m thinking about it the wrong way ?