Where can i learn kana only vocabulary?

Well, I’m learning a bunch of Kanji vocabulary with Wanikani, but where should i learn the kana only words?


They have an option to learn only kana words/ exclude Wani Kani vocab.


I was about to mention Torii as well, since it’s free and I see it recommended a ton.

Kana-Only mode’s description is vague though (“No Kanji allowed”). It sounds like it teaches all of the 10K, but in Kana instead of Kanji - rather than only teaching vocab that is often/always written in Kana?

From what I hear, native content has a lot of those!

I personally use koohi.cafe to get wordlists for books I read (I don’t watch shows really but they also have lists for those too) and add words from there. Then I read the book and see the words I just added. Or You can add them as you read.

I personally highly recommend against learning words from lists if you care about spending your time wisely at all. Learning 6000 on wk is already a lot. Kana words take it one step further though because I think onomatopoeia are especially bad to learn out of context and they are going to make up a solid chunk of kana words.

If you don’t care about that though and just want whats easy and just slower then ignore my comment.


I just downloaded torii because I thought SRSing some kana-only words was a good idea. It’s a bit hidden under ‘study mode’, but there you have the option of learning kana-only vocab (1200 words out of the 10k list). No premium account required.


Yeh i’m using Torii as well. It’s a good free option. It doesn’t take too much time out of your day either.

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