When you guru something wrong

When you get to 迷子 and think “Ashtray + child = lost child… What?”

Ohhhhhh, 迷 is astray, not ashtray. That makes way more sense.
I misread it when it was introduced, and gurued it under this false learn. Now I have get ashtray out of my head.


I think I answered “sledge” for 菅 (actual meaning: “sedge”) about 6 times before I noticed.

Doesn’t help that it’s one of those kanji with no vocab in the system.


did the same as leebo actually. good reason to install close but no cigar, but I haven’t of course lol


I always thought 娯 was re-creation rather than recreation.

The mnemonic is “A woman loves her catapult for some good ol’ fashioned recreation.”, so I thought she was just recreating wars and stuff.


Oh i guru’d the kanji meaning release as rehearse… (no, i don’t know either how i read it so wrong) until i got to the vocabulary and was like… oh

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I got the vocab for “to not be sufficient” marked correct when I typed in “to be sufficient” multiple times. After I noticed I got it purposely wrong a few times, so I could start over and learning the correct term -.- thats a real problem

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Just yesterday I made up a mnemonic for 傾 involving how you have to change to a diet of geoducks sou you can get lean to join the KKK (けい), since they’re no longer accepting overweight members, only to realize later that it means ‘lean’ as in ‘incline’.


Since the beginning I misread shin as chin. So all my mnemonics related to shin are in fact related to chin

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