When to use げつ vs がつ

I get so many incorrect answers for words by either using getsu or gatsu in the wrong places. What are some good tips or tricks to remember the rule of which suffix to add to words?


I think you’ve just ended my struggles. Thank you!


That’s really helpful thanks!

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ooo that is super helpful! I also thought 何月 was an exception! But nope; that turns out to be perfectly logical after all.

Any chance there is a helpful trick for the 人 reading when paired with different things? I ALWAYS get にん・じん switched around. Example 悪人(あくにん)and 愛人(あいじん)。

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I wish there was, lol. I kind of think of -じん if you’re talking about “a person who is …” and -にん for most of the rest. But you really just have to remember which is which.

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dang. ありがとう。


Only when it’s added as a suffix to another word, which is not really what’s happening in your two examples. Those are just instances of it appearing in compounds, and when it comes from a compound, the reading is based on when it was imported from China. Arbitrary, really.

When it’s a suffix, there are rules.

Counting = にん
Place names = じん
And some other rules that get a bit wordy to explain strictly.


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