Do the months 'get' me every time - or 'gat' me?

Hi all,

so I made it to level 6 without any major issue on my own alright, but now I gotta ask: is there any logic to when ‘month’ is pronounced がつ versus げ つ?

If there is, please let me know - i get this wrong so much and it’s driving me crazy that I can’t figure out a rule…



げつ is used in relative months (last month, next month), がつ is used in specific months


Wow - thanks so much! Super helpful


I get them right but hadn’t picked up on the why they were different ! Thank you.

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Additional note: がつ is also used for “What month” 何月, since you are asking about a specific month.


Thanks @Tenugui!

And is there a similar logic for ‘days’, re when it is likely to be か or にらor ji tsu?

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Numbered days up to ten use か.
Numbed days beyond ten use にち except 20 being はつか.

にち is usually used in words where日 is the first kanji. じつ is usually used in words where 日 is the last kanji. None of these two rules work for every case, they’re just what’s more likely for any given word.


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