When should I start using Bunpro?

I recently took a look at Bunpro. It seems really good, however, I did notice that it uses a lot of Kanji, everywhere (in the example sentences and such). Do I need to know these kanji to use it? If so, what Wanikani level would you recommend starting at? Or could I still use it with almost zero knowledge about kanji?

I did also notice that you can link it with Wanikani, what exactly would this do?

Thanks in advance.


You can start using it whenever you want, you can definitely start with no kanji knowledge. Bunpro is a grammar learning resource. There is a setting that allows you to add furigana on top of all the kanji so you know how to read them (I don’t remember if that’s the default or not.) All the sentences are translated to English so you’ll be able to know what they mean. Linking to Wanikani removes the furigana for the kanji you’ve already learned in Wanikani, but keeps the furigana for all the kanji you haven’t learned.

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It anyways has furigana, but one can title the furigana for the character by tapping on it.

Though vocab can make things a little tricky depending where you are. I would try it out and see if you want to wait a little bit or not. At level 17, through words in my class, and throygh the first few hundred words of Torii, I recognize most words. It’s worth noting that you don’t need to know all the words to fill in thing review.

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Thanks for the clarification! I will definitely use Bunpro now that you’ve cleared up some doubts. I didn’t realise that it showed the English underneath the sentences, (for some reason it was disabled in my settings?).

Also thanks for the welcome! I’m very new to Wanikani, (as you can see by my level) so seeing that it has such an active community is a big encouragement to carry on using it!


Something I’m going to recommend for grammar stuff is the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar series. It’s been super helpful for me, and I don’t anyone that has used it and not liked it. They definitely have some of the best explanations for a lot of the grammar points IMO.

Bunpro often gives references the books at the bottom of the reference section, but still there are many times where one exists and it is missing, so I usually recommend looking up the grammar point in the appendix to be sure.


Thanks for telling me! I think I read about that on Tofugu, i’ll go and take a closer look now that you’ve mentioned it.

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I think I started pretty much as soon as I learnt my kana :+1:


Actually, I’d say if you’re wondering when you should start something in general, just go for it, since usually you can just stop/put it off if it’s too much.


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