Bunpro/WK integration

So I just started using Bunpro. Can someone help me understand some best practices/integrations for using the two together?

Any good scripts or anything helpful for Bunpro?

I have almost zero grammar knowledge and it has been a huge puzzle for me to figure out where/how to start being at least capable of making simple sentences. So any other/general tips appreciated.

Most textbooks just put me to sleep, or I understand it but dont retain it.

I feel like it would be best to use bunpro along with a textbook, not necessarily to use bunpro to learn the grammar itself. But if you do, at least follow one of the book paths. I don’t recommend doing all of the grammar points bunpro gives as you’ll find yourself confused later on with any number of similar grammar points feeling like they could be the possible answer.


I use Bunpro along with a text book. I tried it first on it´s own but I couldn´t really internalize the grammar rules based on the short introduction given.
I think Bunpro is a great way to practice what you just read in a text book. Another things that helps me a lot is keeping it slow. Learning one grammar point after the other and not rushing through it.
good luck!

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You can put the WK V1 API to hide the furigana for kanji you already have burned. Not sure if they will be ready for V2 later this year.

I’m more inclined to clear WK reviews daily before BP because the time intervals are more punishing :crabigator: (I rarely have 0 BP reviews and keep ghost reviews to minimum). With BP, I try to read all sentences before entry so it’s just slower or if it has audio.

BP does cover it but I would suggest giving some extra study to basic verb/adj conjugation since it’s so fundamental to many grammar points and sentences: polite, plain, affirmative, negative (ichidan, godan, special…).

Outside resources help alot too. The quality of the readings links can range so I always keep a grammar dictionary or connect with community boards for best answers.

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