When did it start getting hard for you?

Hey everyone !

I stopped wanikani for a while (about 200 days more or less) and now I’m back on track, having cleared my reviews and most of the lessons.

I didn’t stop because of this but I’ve noticed since a few levels (20 to 25 I guess) I’m having more trouble than before remembering the kanji, they look more and more similar to me (lots of the new ones use old ones as a radical) and it’s been confusing me quite a lot.

I’m guessing it’s only going to be more confusing going forward. :grimacing:

When did it start to get hard for you ? (if it did)


20’s is when the difficulty started ramping up for me as well. I’m actually having an easier time in the 30’s now with memorizing new kanji. The only issue is I’m not burning items so I’m having a lot more reviews in general.


It does pile up as time go on… I used to do up to 20 lessons a day, then I dropped down to 15, and now to 10. I’m sure I’ll end up going down to 5 at some point.

I’ve checked your profile and yeah you seem to have issues burning items, maybe spending more time on them would help ?
Having the “ignore answer” script can help if you tend to write fast and do a lot of typos like me.


I love 感想 思想
I believe i will have them along till i get to 60.
Jokes a side i still got some leeches which need killing since early levels made it harder and yes i agree 20~25 are nightmare


I remember some of the 20s levels to be pretty rough to get through (with too many similar items and synonyms to keep track of).

Still, I think Hell is worse difficulty wise. The steady buildup of unburned items (leeches) is bringing up the amount of reviews overall. There’s more “vague” concepts to learn (not sure how to phrase this), but it makes it hard to retain some items after lessons.

But, yeah, it’s more important to keep to the routine now I feel than before. To just push on through and to not linger on every failed review but concentrate on the ones I get right. To focus on the positive side of things, so to speak, to not get too discouraged.

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I’m not sure there was a sharp jump in difficulty. I think for the most part it just ramped up over time.


Like others have stated, mid to late 20s is definitely when it started ramping up for me as well. It’s when there are more and more of the abstract concept kanjis where I really needed to start focusing on the mnemonics or create my own otherwise it was getting harder and harder to remember them if I was simply trying to brute force.

It kind of depends for me. I feel like if im well rested and consistant with my reviews then everything seems to stick a lot easier but if my life gets busy then my retention is really bad especially if I take a few days off Wanikani. The 20s in general have been more challenging though

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The original post had a typo sorry. I meant to say I’m now burning items. Which leads to a lot more reviews. I’m not having any trouble with burning stuff xD

I’m only up to Level 19 right now but Level 17 was a killer. So many similar looking kanji, such as 栄 and 堂 and 常。


For me it’s kinda just been a slow ramp up over time. When I started I only had a hundred, if that, reviews per day. Now it’s more like 250-300. Of course review count isn’t parallel to difficulty, but at the same time there’s been a lot more kanji and vocab that look very similar or that I haven’t seen in a while, so my accuracy’s probably down. Some levels are definitely easier or harder than others. Some levels I’ve just had a lot of really good mnemonics, and others (like my current level) I have trouble with almost all of them… I guess it’s bound to happen.

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