What's your Japanese dialect?

I think you’re right. We say おる here, but it has a bit of an old man vibe.

I think it’s Kani-ben

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I’m convinced it’s a very 訛ってる thing more so than an old person thing in a lot of dialects. My family in the far out boonies of the inaka that is South-Eastern Kumamoto also use おる all the time. Not just the older people either, all of the kids use it too.

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For 3 of the 4 years I lived in Japan I lived in Kochi, Shikoku prefecture where the dialect is TosaBen. My Tokyo friends used to chuckle at my strong accent and nicknamed me ‘inakamono’ which I think translates to something like ‘countryboy’. In any case I forget most of the nuances of the dialect but the part that always sticks is the use of -chuu for -iru endings so for example. Instead of standard ‘wakaru’ they’d say (wakachuu) and so on. It all sounded a bit feminine and ‘cute’ to my ears. But didn’t stop me accidentally assimilating it into my vocab.

And this is what Wikitravel has to say about Tosaben:

"Shikoku is far enough off the beaten track that some Japanese ability, while not absolutely necessary, will come in handy. Some of Shikoku’s dialects, notably Tosa-ben spoken in Kochi, are famously incomprehensible even to other Japanese."


I’m getting a strong impression you’re just a Pikachu pretending to be human.


Oh man. When I first got to Japan years ago I visited a friend in Tokushima. I understood everyone fine in Tokyo before that, but as soon as I hit Tokushima I went to 0% understanding. Shikoku is another world.

Kumamotooooo I have so many friends from there. The dialect is really close to mine.

I haven’t visted at all though. ):

A horrific mix of Tokyo and Kansai dialects.

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