What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


New favourite kanji is

うつ Gloom, because it looks nice and difficult to write, and it reminds me of this girl




I like the Kanji for Tuna, because they are such beautiful fish and eeeh… because I like Sashimi, anyway:


Such a great question with so many interesting answers!

I really like kanji that have a bit of party-attitude to them! A friendly curve or cute little dashes thrown on top just makes them seem special.
And the spacing needs to be just right, not too busy. Like a brand or company logo you’d remember.
水 当 吸 四
…I could probably go on and on, but thankfully I don’t know that many (yet).


Because the ‘car’ radical is easy and satisfying to write, lotuses do kind of look like wheels, I like most kanji that begin with the ‘flowers’ radical, and it’s always fun to finish by underlining.


It was the first kanji I learned for some reason about 16 years ago and it stuck since then despite being not really useful at all xD


I learned it during my first year of Japanese class. We asked the teacher to teach us the biggest kanji they could think of, and that’s what they wrote on the blackboard.
Brings back memories!


What!??!?! It looks like a little boat for me.


I tried reeeeeeeally hard to but I can’t possibly agree…点点…点点点…点… (aww, I mean, just look at those little cuties)


For me it’s probably 冬! I think it just looks elegant, kind of reminds me of snow falling off of trees (even though it’s not the tree radical)

My mnemonic for the kunyomi reading is the sound/mouth shape you make to blow out air in wintertime to see your own breath: ふゆ〜



下 because it has the most on yomi kun yomi readings even Japanese cant name them all by heart


I’m a horrible human and this may be brutal but 冬 is a swear word in Polish :laughing:


Woops, lmao. Just curious, what’s the translation? I tried Googling but couldn’t find it… :joy:


Huyu written with an J which sounds the same



"Huju meaning Dick and is an one of the most offensive polish words you can possibly use
Written with an "H"is the older version of it the new one is written with an Ch but "CH"in polish is same as H in english "


If you’d really want to Google it you’ll have more luck with “chuj” or “huj”, since huju is the conjugated form. If you’d want to call somebody a “chuj” (which you shouldn’t by the way) you’d use “ty chuju”.

It crossed my mind for a second that the words sound similar, but I don’t think about that when I hear the Japanese word at all. That’s probably because I don’t hear the polish word very often and don’t associate it with normal conversation.


Just look at that gorgeous symmetry.


Looks like a nightmare for me… with my symmetry it will look smth like this


好 because it’s actually the first kanji I ever learned, and it’s just very pleasing to look at imo.


For me it’s not a single kanji but a pair of kanjis : 鳳凰. I love them because together they make my favourite mythical animal: the phoenix (man this takes me back to pokémon gold and hoo-oo).


Probably the first kanji that I learned.