What's your favorite Kanji and WHY?


I like 夢 and 愛. Most likely because of their meaning, but I dont know, I think they are nice :heart_eyes:


Damn, my new favorite kun’yomi has to be that of 灥


I’m finding I really like 送. I really like the water slide radical (週、近、遠、etc.)

I’ve also always loved 言 as a radical. 語 is like the funnest kanji to write. :heart_eyes:


Yeah right :slight_smile: after a longer period of time when reading and writing kanji you realize that the radicals are really used and writing kanji will be a lot easier :slight_smile: honestly Kanji reminds me of korean when it comes to using same form all the time


I recently learned 飛 and it makes me smile. For the fly radical I added Howls castle as a synonym because to me that’s what it looks like.


One of my “cool!” moments after starting to learn Japanese was being able to read Karasuno’s banner in Haikyuu. :grinning: So I do have a soft spot for that kanji.

I also love the imagery of 雨.


My friend when i was in Tokyo at an language school told me “You don’t need kanji” and laughed in my face how poor my japanese was, we went outside and all he could say was これはペンです and i was kinda communicating with my poor japanese and kanji knowledge, while my friend was confused and was a dick i’ve seen justice something called “Kanji” which reminded him that few simple sentences which he mastered in Japanese are useless sometimes when you don’t know the kanji :wink:
((Kanji is not important if you live in Shibuya pff… even you can live with english only and few words in japanese for good few months))


The kanji 麗 looks cute I guess


I love it’s shape and it just flows so nice when I write it.



I like 卯, because it looks like bunny ears, so it’s easy to remember its meaning.

卿 is cool too, because it contains the previous kanji :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be actually a cool name for an anime :smiley:


I personally like 風.

But while I like it partly for how it looks, I like it more for the kun’yomi. The first song in Japanese that I really listened to (and thus far the only one that I’ve taken the time to actually learn the lyrics to) was Brave Song by Tada Aoi from Angel Beats, and it uses the word several times, and I just thought かぜ was a really beautiful word for wind, for some reason. Like it’s calling it chaotic or something…

At the same time, the kanji kind of looks like a pillar holding up a room to me, which I equate with strength, because of the phrase 強い風, and so I like it for that, too.

I tend to get really emotionally invested in weird little things… .-. Don’t judge me lol


The visual etymology is hilarious.


It has a wonderful symmetry and elegance to it, methinks. And it looks like an angel and flowers, which kinda fits the elegance of tea.


My new favourite kanji: 間 (aida) meaning in between.
In polish A i da mean Ä and D…

this kanji means: There is something between a and d what is it? its the kanji between A and D (AiDa)


中国 because it always makes me think of this:



Thats not a kanji doe…

不 is hands down my favorite now that I think about it. Its simple, rarely rendaku’d, pretty much always ふ, and it always means the same thing. Its an easy kanji to slap on to some words you already know to make you know another one. 10/10.


I can’t have two favorite kanji? :cry: