What's the meaning of 本の in 224本の動画

So I have YouTube set to be in Japanese, and beside the name of an advertiser, there’s “224本の動画”.
I know 動画 means video, so the sentence probably means something like “224 videos”, but what is the purpose of 本の ?

Jisho translates it as

  1. mere; only; just; not even (with negative verb)​

So is it a politeness thing like お, “only 224 videos”, is it a counter, or is it just necessary to make sense?


本 is the counter for videos

Yeah, WK fails to teach a few of the most common counter words for some reason.

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Ahh so I was reading it wrong then, I was seeing it as 224 本の動画 instead of 224本 の 動画.
Makes sense now, thanks!

Rule of thumb, you’re never going to just have hanging numbers without some kind of counter word, especially if it’s got a common counter like video does.


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