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Shouldn’t it be a 100 books, or is it something I am missing here?


百本 - 100 long thin objects
の - particle needed for linking
けん (usually would be written 剣, but you don’t know this kanji yet so it’s written in hiragana) - swords

So, 100 swords.

If you’re not familiar with how counters work in Japanese, there are a variety of grammar resources that can help with that.

It’s common for kanji to be used differently as counter words than they would be on their own.

You can see this meaning as #5 on Jisho.

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Okay, I went with the standard 百=100 and 本=book

So, 百本= 100 books

With regards to counters, I still consider myself as a newbie, and haven’t progressed so long into learning Japanese. :sweat_smile:

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Ah. Books have a different counter that isn’t that kanji, since they aren’t long, thin objects anyway, so if you wanted to say 100 books, it would be 百さつの本

The grammar rules give you the information to know if 本 is a counter or some other meaning of 本.

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Lol. Can Japanese guys make Japanese any more complicated :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help.
Also, how come you are so learned in the art of Japanese, being at level 3!

No problem!

I’ve actually gone all the way to level 60 and reset to the beginning two times before. So maybe more like level 123? Haha. But plenty of people come here with lots of Japanese knowledge already.


It would be cool if your flair actually said 123


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