What's a realistic 3 month progression goal?

wow, good to know!

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If you’re struggling, don’t race. That way lies burnout.

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Oh I’ve NEEEEVER done that! :crazy_face::rofl: :see_no_evil:
I do need it for typos though.
English is my second language + dyslexia = fun combination of mind fuck XD
I try to only use it when I knew the exact word/meaning, just couldn’t recall what word they use (sometimes give up and add my own, like Byrå, I give up on how to spell that shit! But it is the exact same word in Norwegian, we just spell it so much simpler :wink: )
On the Japanese I try to only use it on actual typos, when what came out is not what you intended at all.
But the temptation… ah, the temptation! It is a dangerous one, and I have given in more than once (a day XD )

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