What's a good resource for the 役割語?


I read a thread the other day about 役割語、and as someone who’s primary interest in the language lies in reading, I was wondering if anyone knew a resource for furthering research on this aspect of Japanese writing.

Online would be best, but books are just as fine, thanks!. (^人^)

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I’m not familiar with the term, so I’m guessing this is about which language a person uses depending on what kind of person they are / role they have in society? Like, male or female, old or young, higher or lower status, these things? In that case, this Tofugu article might provide some insights:

You might also want to look into sentence-ending particles as they are often dependent on these aspects. And then of course the standard usage of the politeness levels, including keigo.


The thing is that not it’s something usually taught as part of Japanese language learning, so most of the resources are going to be all in Japanese and are probably all linguistic papers. In addition, I don’t know if there are very many comprehensive resources at all. That’s been my experience at least since it’s been an interest of mine.

The links at the bottom of the Wikipedia page are a good place to start.

Edit: Note that I’m not talking about things like Keigo, for which there is a lot of material available.


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