What WaniKani tips would you give to yourself if you could travel back in time?

Invest in bitcoin way earlier.


BitCoin and WaniKani are connected?


Don’t do too many lessons in a day, no matter how much of a “roll” you’re on or because of how “motivated” you are.
image Doing 200 lessons at once creates huge growths followed by long lines of nothing…
image Doing 25-30 lessons at a time creates less huge growths that are kinda consistent. Kinda.


Ohhh, those are some sexy graphs. Where’d you get them?

Also, what the hell. That’s a Quilava.


Google Docs.

My username plight is explained here: https://community.wanikani.com/t/story-behind-your-avatar/14732/191?u=yourlocalmudkip

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Thank you for the link!

I’m sure what you wrote could very much be a Haiku. Simple but effective.

Install all the user scripts.


Don’t. Burn. Yourself. Out.

You are going to end up stressing out and getting upset.

Edit: Vacation mode for three months~

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I’d tell my past self to go slower and don’t use WaniKani as your primary Japanese learning resource. I burned myself out so early into my time here that I ended up quitting Japanese altogether for close to 3/4 of a year. If I had my current mindset now that I had then I’d probably be around level 50 or higher by now. Don’t be me, take it slow, and more importantly put your primary Japanese learning efforts outside of WaniKani working on your vocab, grammar, listening, and all that other good stuff you need for learning this language.


spend a little more time on the new lessons

vs skimming through them


It gets faster: much, MUCH faster.

I would tell myself to complete wanikani as fast as possible, because now a days I just want to focus on reading and vocabulary but I can’t so much because I’m still doing wanikani when I should be done already. Plus sometimes a lot of old items come back to bite me, because they’re old, but If I finished at max speed I would not have forgotten them, and would be reinforcing them with reading.

Also never use vacation mode, you’ll dread coming back and when you do you’ll have forgotten a lot and your apprentice and guru will shoot up and you’ll never get it to go back down if you want to keep leveling up at a nice pace. I’ve tried slowing down on a level for a while just to get it back down, but it’s no use. (for me at least) Instead, just pause lessons and keep doing reviews. That way your apprentice will go way down, (when you take a super long break, you’ll probably get down to 0! ) and you shouldn’t fail your burn reviews as drastically.

Some people say to start grammar and reading earlier and don’t let wanikani override that time, but I think as long as you know basic grammar (up to N5), then it’s okay to focus on wanikani because the 1-2 years on wanikani will be over before you know it, and even if you take it slow, it seems a lot of level 60’s are still around N3 and have not been reading. So It’s best to get wanikani over with imo. But alas, I did not know this in the beginning, and I’m struggling to complete wanikani, learn grammar, read, vocab, and handle other life struggles.


Without numbers, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on here. It looks like you are making the same amount of progress over time, just more evenly.

I believe that was the point of the post

So then what’s the point? You make the same progress either way, so neither one has a benefit over the other.

I’d tell myself to start off using my computer. When I first signed up, I was only doing lessons and reviews on my phone, which was really tedious since I hate typing on a phone keyboard and would constantly mistype things. It led to me getting things wrong that I know were right and it got so annoying that it made me not want to continue. One day I decided to try it on my computer and found it to be a much better experience. Once I started tinkering around with scripts and found out how it made the site even better, I rarely pull my phone out to do reviews anymore.


If you can run Firefox on your phone, violent monkey works pretty well for running most scripts.

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Progress isn’t everything. Convenience also plays a part in how people like to study. Something tells me that for one reason or another, the poster finds an evenly spread workload to be more convenient, as do I along with most people.



If you’re not also memorizing the part of speech of each vocab word, then your grammar should be improved.

If you can’t read most of the example sentences, then your grammar should be improved.

If you take a long break from Wanikani (months long), you’ll forget a lot and have a giant discouraging backlog (e.g. 2000 reviews, 100 lessons). Daily consistency is key.

If you’re not also practicing speaking when you do your reviews, you’re probably missing out.

If you’re not writing out the kanji you learn, you’ll probably have troubles truly internalizing them.

(I’ve disobeyed all of these tips before and had to drop from level 19 back to level 10 because I didn’t truly learn those levels and eventually forgot a lot of it after year-long break.)

Bonus Advanced Tip: Learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so that you can write your own userscripts or customize existing ones to suit your specific learning needs.