What levels made you the most excited?

I just finished the lessons for level 15 and I was so excited with almost every word I saw! Do any of you at later levels have a level like that or a favorite level?

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60 is pretty good, but nothing beats 42


I remember one level in the 40s or early 50s that had a ton of kanji used in common kun’yomi words that I already knew. It was really surprising since most levels were so hard for me by then.


Not exactly sure, but there was a level in the early 30s (maybe even 31) that had a ton of kanji I didn’t know well. (For context, I started WK after reaching the N1 level, so that kind of level was a first).
Then level 50+, for the same reason.


My next level tomorrow. Level 20. Basically Its only my 5th level this year. I was level 15 last November and then took a long vacation and then another long vacation in January and never caught up on my Japanese enough to even start WK. I got back into it though and my last level 19 was one of my fastest so it’s exciting!

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Not specifically levels, just items mostly. Like when I learned the kanji for たまご I was like woah!!! And I found out pretty late into vocabulary that 宜 is a kanji used in a well known phrase. Those little “wow I know this” moments are pretty cool :sunglasses:


Like when I learned the kanji for たまご I was like woah!!!

I’m looking forward to that. What level is that in? I learned the word while eating breakfast, haha, but I haven’t seen the kanji, except in passing. Japanese Ammo(?) Misa recently mentioned that Tamagatchi came from that, and it suddenly clicked!


Egg is in level 32 :slight_smile:
I like the word 生卵 (raw egg), the reading is funny to say: なまたまご


But where is ian?!

I don’t think I’ve had an exciting level so far. I really like making little connections to words I’ve only heard before, but those seem quite evenly spread out.


Not gonna lie, but my most hyped level was level 1 xD


Is it this word? I don’t think I’ve ever heard it before.

Edit: Oh lol, now I see your username xD


No, where is Dunk?!

:smiley: solace is like one of my favourite things though, I’ll look forward to level 43, apparently!

Being dunked is definitely one of my least favourite things. I will stick to solace and relaxation, tyvm!

My favourite from Level 42



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