Level 50+ difficulty spike

Wow, I now understand why so many simple kanji made of old radicals were saved for these late levels, it’s because the vocab based off them is often so obscure and random. At least these late levels have generally less vocab than all of the previous levels, but jeez.

Edit: Not sure why it’s showing my level as 47, I’m 51.


It’s a common bug, just log out and in again.

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WK used to end at level 50, beyond that is just a random assortment of rare kanji. The previous levels had some idea on how the order the kanji, but beyond 50 it feels like the kanji are just put there without deeper meaning.


That makes a lot of sense

There are some unpicked low-hanging fruit, though. They teach 瑠 and 璃 near the end. Neither kanji item has associated vocabulary in WK. Yet put them together (瑠璃) and you get the mineral lapis lazuli. Not the most common word in English either, but why bother leaving that on the table?

And then there are some way more common and useful kanji that never get taught. Mysterious!

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Also I actually was surprised how level 51 is choke-full of very common words :

瓶 bottle 襟 collar 隅 corner 乾燥 dry 玄関 entrance 脂肪 fat 偉い great 皮膚 skin 郊外 suburb 沸く to boil 花瓶 vase 洗濯機 washing machine…

I see those very frequently, even daily sometimes, and they don’t feel high-level at all. However, having said that, I have to admit that the deeper you go into level 50-60 the thinner and more and more specialized the kanji and vocab become…


True! And Level 60 has 狐 :fox_face: I knew the word (if not the kanji).

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