What is the difference between 料理する and 料理を作る?

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I just came across these two different verbs in Genki and I was wondering if there’s a difference between using one or the other. Thanks!

Japanese people seem to disagree with this one, some people think both are the same but other people say that by itself 料理を作る is odd and something like 日本料理を作る is more natural.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen just 料理を作る on its own in the wild.

料理 is basically a verb so naturally just takes する.

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For me the first 料理する is like saying I am cooking,
while the 料理を作る is like saying I am “making cooking”, which doesn’t sound quite right. Of course, if you were to add a country to the second phrase. It would be like saying I am making a (name of country) dish.

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Same meaning but 料理(する)is the actual concept of cooking while 料理を作る is basically just making cuisine ( food ) 料理 also has a less known nuance of " dealing with something " easily like 敵を料理する " disposing / dealing with enemies.

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