What is shogun for the しょう mnemonics?

The only thing I can find about shogun is a military dictator, but often that doesn’t seem to be what the mnemonics are talking about. For example, with . Can someone explain this so I can better remember the mnemonics?


There is your Shogun:

If you find the Shogun is too absurd for some mnemonics, you can always create your own one.

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I’m guessing ‘Shogun’ should have been ‘Shogunate’ in the 章 example. The Shogunate is essentially the Shogun’s administration. So, an “event with the shogunate” (or event put on by or for the shogunate), and “everyone wants the shogun [or shogunate] to donate money”.

[Edit: Looking again, I suppose ‘shogun’ works just as well as ‘shogunate’ once you get past the slightly confusing wording]

Okay. That’s a bit odd, but at least I can picture it now.

In short the shougun was the top military general who at times in Japanese history ruled the country.

Like others have said and you have read, the shogun was the military leader of Japan during the past. The emperor was the only one above them, but honestly, I think the shogun had more power than the emperor did. A shogun could definitely be seen as a dictator. If you are interested in history, I would reccomend reading up on Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was the shogun after Toyotomi Hideyoshi fell out of power. (If you know much about Oda Nobunaga, Hideyoshi was a general of Nobunaga’s that took his place after Nobunaga was betrayed.) Yay history!

I think that that’s one of the most interesting things about Japanese history. There was the Tokugawa Shogunate before the modern era (Meiji Restoration to present), but there were also the first Shoguns after the classical period (Heian). The emperors still lived, but they didn’t rule. And then there was a period after that where provincial lords (daimyo) were really in control, and not only did the emperors continue to live without power, but the shoguns, too!

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Yeah, the Shogun was pretty special at times. I’d recommend this video on the history of Japan if you want the short version. He ruled the entire country during certain periods! Having the Shogun around would be comparable to having the emperor (during the periods where he ruled) around.