Is there a script that links a mnemonic to a previously referred radical or kanji?

This is in reference to when the reading for a kanji/radical makes a self reference to it’s own kanji/radical where the mnemonic was previously given.

For example,
“This radical is the same as the kanji. It means man.”
When it comes up as a card, if I get that wrong, there’s not an easy way for me to recall the mnemonic used, as the there’s no link to the kanji for man.

If there’s an existing script that brings that definition in, a name would be greatly appreciated! Not sure how difficult it would be to write one if there’s not.


Oh yeah that is a terrible mnemonic. But you could try copying the mnemonic for kanji 男 into the notes section. On the other hand, you learned 男 the kanji and vocab already, presumably. Or do you get those wrong, too?


Thanks for the idea! That’s what I’ll probably do for now, I guess it doesn’t too long to look it up when I miss the card.

In general, it doesn’t happen super frequently for the radical/kanji cards, but thinking about it more, something similar happens with some vocab cards as well- where they say the same reading is used as the kanji. But with those, there’s a link to the kanji used so it’s not as troublesome.

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