What is "jo" that appears in memonics? Some weapon?

Can’t find that word from any dictionary or using google. Im not native english speaker.

So that “Jo” im memonics like:

女 When you imagine this woman, she has a jo (じょ) weapon. She’s standing in a battle stance, and yelling “I’m the mighty jo fighter woman!”

上手 What are you good at? You’re really good at taking your jo (じょう) to the zoo (ず) and hitting animals with it. What a weird thing to be good at. Imagine someone shouting at you from across the panda pen telling you that you’re good at it too.

If this Jo thing keeps popping up, i would really like to know what it is. Please help.

It’s this…stick : ) So, yes, a weapon!


It’s a wooden stick, they bloody hurt!


I think it’s a wooden pole type of weapon- basically a staff.

Thanks guys. World makes more sense now :slight_smile:


I had also asked this question once before and thought I should chip in an interesting comment someone had made.

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