What is 分's reading when representing a minute?

Wanikani’s introduction states that 分 is read as ふん when representing a minute, and ぶん when representing a part. However, in one of my duolingo lessons, the narrator pronounces 分 as ぷん in 駅から学校まで十分くらいかかります, and when I use this same structure in google translate, the 分 is pronounced ぶん. These are three different pronunciations for “minute”, I assume they can’t all be correct. I would appreciate an explanation.

This is also my first post. Exciting, right? よろしく!


It’s rendaku, just to make things fun.

Basically in 一分 and 八分, it becomes ぷん (readings are いっぷん and はっぷん) while in 三分
it’s ぶん (as in, さんぶん). Don’t think of these as being different readings for 分 - they’re just modifications of the same readong.


Google chose the wrong reading. There are multiple words you can write as 十分.

じゅっぷん 10 minutes (notice the small tsu and pu)
じっぷん (no small yu) is also possible for 10 minutes
じゅうぶん enough


I see, I was tricked by the rendaku being identical to a different meaning. Thank you!

Very enlightening, thank you as well!

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