What has been the most frustrating WK level for you so far?

Level 4 since it took me 11 days for some reason! but I’m only up to level 5 so far but at least this level seems to be going alot better.

Just asking but what is your average level up time because mine for some incomprehensible reason is 20 days!!! :thinking:

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Are leeches just the ones in the bottom right of each section with the script that shows you your breakdown within each ‘deck’ so to speak?

20 days seems awfully long but it only takes you getting a few answers wrong to set you back 3.5 days at a time.
Like level 5 you have to get 39 out of 43 Kanji to Guru in order to level up. So it doesn’t take much to hold you back.

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Yeah I guess that’s the reason.

60 because I just can’t seem to level up


Yeah. Auspicious is kind of an old word for that has a super antiquated feel for it. Before WaniKani, the only contexts I remember hearing it was in the sense of “auspicious day” or “auspicious omen,” but both I feel like was translating stuff from ancient Rome, or in Shakespeare, which is where you will hear that sort of thing.

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I’m sure you can do it! Just get the leaches down, then do 100% of your lessons!

Let me know when you have finished 100% of your lessons and have gurued everything at that level.

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I remember when i was level 9 i had a bit of a big drop in motivation, mostly because i was going too fast and reviews were overwhelming at the time. Then i started doing grammar, slowed wanikani a bit, and being able to read stuff, even the smallest things like japanese comments on youtube or instructions on japanese packaging, i started seeing the efforts paying, and it’s been a smooth journey from then.

I’m at level 3 now, and I just don’t seem to get any further! I feel like I’ve been stuck here for years!

21, because of 判 and 審

Hmm I think I can see mine because I have installed this script (and you can elect to see the leeches as a taunting list on your front page every time you log in :slight_smile: [Userscript] Self-Study Quiz

Lol… I’m a weirdo. I use the word auspicious pretty frequently (native English speaker from US… word-nerd though…).


Mine is average 18 but i typically level up every 20 days or so : D

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I’ve started using synonyms in my native language for more kanji/vocab meanings because of this. Especially for plant names, since I have those internalized in my own language. And I just don’t wanna add learning the English term to the equation anymore. :tired_face:

I just wanna make sure that I immediately associate the right meaning/nuance with the kanji in question because it really is a matter of nuances on the Reality levels. :sweat_smile:


So, to answer the OP question: lv 52 and forward is pretty rough going.

I keep on seeing new kanji with the same meaning as a lower level kanji. I’m like “Japan, why are you doing this to me?!” :sob:



Level 13 was definite my least favourite level, as 11-13 was packed and some vocab there are still leeches for me.

Most challenging levels were the consecutive fast levels where you couldn’t miss any kanji in order to advance with no delays, and after completing them they unlocked huge batches of vocabulary. I think these were around late 40s to mid 50s.

Same as me. :grin:

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