Why are levels 11-20 painful?

Just got level 11… and I gotta say I’m slightly worried for whats coming


Don’t worry, it’s all relatively easy up until lvl ~50. Then it’s tough because the kanji are rare and some don’t even have vocab.


ngl, this sounds like a good thing :laughing:

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I’m not really sure. I haven’t noticed a difficult spike in comparison to level 10. Maybe they meant just in sheer number of reviews?

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I know nobody wants to openly talk about the reality here, but I just want to give you a quick heads-up. The moment you sign up for WaniKani, Koichi starts searching for your location in order to make you study kanji relentlessly every single day. By the time you hit level 10 he usually knows your address, sends some crabigators along your way and they’re gonna snap at you every time you fail a review item or slack off. Bet you can imagine how painful that will become – rumors say that not everyone can take this for very long, and before you know it, those with low accuracies will suffer from the fate that the name of levels 21-30 suggests



It’s just a name. I have recently passed from HELL (31-40) to PARADISE (41-50) and I don’t see differences in the difficulty.

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Main thing when getting to level 11+ is that you start getting a higher review load if you’re going at a quick pace. The stuff from the earlier levels starts coming back as you burn more items, which of course wasn’t a factor in the early levels. There’s also a bit of a bump in kanji complexity, and some of the kanji are in less common words. Overall it shouldn’t be too bad.


The only thing that was painful was actually having to use the mnemonics cause kanji I didn’t know started popping up


Wait until they come up for burning :stuck_out_tongue:


The workload gradually increases until about level 21 in which your burns start coming in. After that it starts to even out and you get used to it.

If you feel a bit pressured you can reduce the amount of lessons to reduce the amount of reviews.


For me that’s actually when I got pretty painful, the fun factor wears off and it becomes a serious task every day. And I feel the Kanji are getting harder to memorize too, I need quite a bit of either Self-Study-Quiz or mutiple failed attempts to get them in my head.


It’s awefull, because they are already rare and the one time you come across one you already forgot it again because you never saw it again after the first week on WK.


I would say that once you hit level 16, the speed picks up. For the rest, on my side, the verdict is still out.

Fast levels, level 42, what do you mean no difference?

P.S. @2000kanji, I’m not implying that they’re easier - 42 is a Hitchhiker’s reference (WK nostalgia)
and the fast levels are different, even if it only makes it harder by levelling you up quicker if you do your lessons at once…

P.P.S. Oops - I accidentally quoted the wrong part. :frowning:

Every level except the very first one has some 100+ items to remember.
At level 42 (which is not a ‘fast level’) I don’t feel like being in PARADISE, there are roughly the same number of items to remember as in the preceding HELL. The ‘fast levels’ are fast, because all kanji are unlocked together with the few radicals (<4), not because they are easier.

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At level 42 you get access to “the Answer” in the forum! Suspense …

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I’m on level 8 and I’m still reviewing the past few levels. Hahahahah! FML man!

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I second this advice. Had to do this drastically in the last few levels (early-mid 20s).

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