What happens when you answer incorrectly?

When you answer incorrectly on a word what happens to the level. Let’s say that you are on the guru level. The guru level consists of three stages and you’ve reached stage 2 on guru.

When you answer incorrectly, from what I understand, it will decrease to the apprentice level? Will start over completely from scratch in the apprentice level?

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It’s based on a combination of current srs stage and how many times you get it incorrect before answering correctly.

This has a some info on how the leveling algorithm works:

WaniKani’s SRS Stages | WaniKani Knowledge


You’re right! Thanks for linking the knowledge guide :grin:


however, once an item is guru, it will always count as learned for level progression, so you can’t level up slower because an item went from guru back to apprentice.
Of course you can level up slower if you answer incorrectly before an item (kanji or radical) is guru’d.


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