Many wrong answers in a row?

Hi, I just had a quick question. If it has been mentioned before I will delete this.

When you give a wrong answer to a radical/vocab/Kanji the rank goes down. So for example, if you are apprentice 2 and you give a wrong answer it’ll downgrade to apprentice and re-appear at the time for apprentice 2 (I mean apprentice 1 -> apprentice 2 so after 4 hours here).

But what if you give many wrong answers in a row? Like, let’s take 愛(random choice). Let’s say it’s at apprentice 4. If I answer it wrong, it’ll go down to apprentice 3. So what happens if I get it wrong again in the same session? Does it only downgrade once because I am in the same session or…?

This is a really dumb post I know, I just want to make sure that that’s what happens because I never really paid attention. I don’t care about details, I just execute lol.

Sorry again if this was answered before, I don’t know how I can find the post on it.



The short answer is that it can be downgraded more than once in the same session. Back in the day I wrote up detailed posts explaining how this worked. Now I can just link to the WaniKani Knowledge Base, so that’s nice. It gives the exact formula used along with a detailed example.


The formula explanation was great, thanks a lot! I never came across this page before, it helped.


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