What happened to ...the melon site?

Study more Japanese so that you don’t need subtitles /s


it’s the opposite, my friend. It is one more tool you can enjoy.

To this day I still use subtitles even when I watch movies and tv shows in English, I consider myself fluent in English (I have TOEFL and so on) but ts is still a great tool to keep fast pacing when reading and listening at the same time.

and then when I want watch something that doesnt have subtitles, I dont bother, I use my listening skill at the moment (currently watching a documentary series ‘Age of Tanks’ only by listening since there is no subs).

I achieved this level in English with this method for many years, I am using it into Japanese, working great so far. :grinning:


Sorry, a bit of offtop, but are you talking about Netflix series? If so – then I’ve watched that one – it was quite interesting!

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this one.

Many footage I have never seen before, specially in the first episode about WWI.

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I honestly feel like I’d even need subs irl on my native language. Subs are love, subs are life

I mean tbf that is basically what I did with HxH up till I reacher the end of what they had on Nerflix… And even now because I haven’t had the patience to try to get the subs things to work so I’m just watching it raw. I feel like I’d be able to get a bit more out of it if I did have the subs but ngh, error messages give me headaches

He was being sarcastic, fyi

Btw, as a quick aside, seems the melon site is back, prolly a dns issue

Nah, still down. Sometimes gain access to it but none of the video files.

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I’m able to watch now, so I guess it’s back.


Yup, works now.


Recently there were some news about a bunch of japanese publishers forming a special entity dedicated for fighting manga and anime piracy - perhaps there’s a connection?


Like a political-legal entity with strings to pull to get things raided, or a badass group of vigilante salarymen protecting their intellectual property with cricket bats?

I imagine the interrogation going like this:



Yeah, I’ve heard rumblings of a big crackdown on piracy in Japanese news. It sucks because it really does greatly simplify using media for Japanese practice.

It’s so weird to me that Japanese subtitles are often region-locked even for anime that one can legally stream in America. Like, on Japanese Netflix, Cowboy Bebop only has Japanese audio & subtitles (bizarrely, the hover-over preview is of the English dub). On American Netflix, when the anime was available, it had practically every language but Japanese!


Japanese copyright laws can sometimes get weird (not that they are anything special in that regard :stuck_out_tongue: ) It’s possible, that japanese version of the show is licensed only for Japan - it can especially be issue with license for VA’s voices - it’s the issue that often happened with games too.

For example, I’ve been using the site www.jcbasimul.com to listen to Japanese local radio (it’s official site of local broadcasters’ union), but recently it became region-locked - whenever you try to stream any station, you get the message “Thank you for using our site. We are sorry, but due to music copyright issues currently this service is available only in Japan” - and I presume that’s because the stations had the licenses to broadcast music in Japan, but not worldwide

(Luckily there are some other services, but there are much fewer stations available there)


This! For example, Toradora is on Nerflix with the og Japanese voice acting, but at least in my country the Japanese CC are not available. Netflix however does have them because they’re available in Japan


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