What happened to ...the melon site?

It hasn’t been working in a couple fo days. On some browsers it opens the main page but all of it’s contents are gone, and on some browsers it doesn’t open at all.
I really wanted to continue HxH there because Netflix didn’t license most of the show or any of the Japanese subtitles, but well, can’t really do that now can I. I’m pretty sure I checked it like a week ago and it was fine, so anyone have any info on what’s happened? It’s such a valuable resource and now I’m a little worried that it might be gone :frowning:

Somebody flagged this for being offensive. Went through the guidelines and couldn’t find anything I was breaking. If it was the mention of the site, first of all weird because I’ve never seen it be a problem before but okay I changed it to not be what it’s called, though I don’t even know why that’s necessary when it’s not working anyways. Regardless of that, is flagger-san is out there, please do inform me of what I did wrong because I’m genuinely confused lol

It’s weird that it lasted as long as it did, given what it was.


I mean kind of yeah, of course it was for educational purposes but I don’t think that would really excuse it. It really was such an invaluable resource though, it’s really fucking hard to find anime without english subtitles (let alone with Japanese subtitles) like that without literally downloading all of it onto your computer and doing a bunch of computer wizardy

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Wait, what? You just drag and drop the subfile into the video player, no? Thats what I did for mpv.

Yeah, but need to find the subtitles (if they even exist) and sometimes have to manually synch the subtitles to the video file and it’s tedious af to do that every 20min.


Hmm, I usually didn’t have to do it. I would just make sure if i got the netflix sub file i got the netflix video file. When I did, I just had a hotkey to sync the first line, so it really was never something I thought much of.

and Im sure most people know, but for those that dont


I didn’t flag it, but many references to the site do end up getting flagged because it’s a site that promotes copyright infringement and sharing that kind of thing is against the forum rules. Usually people are recommending or linking it when they get flagged though, not merely asking about it.

Can’t control what people flag.


Not with that attitude. :sunglasses:


Fair enouh, kind of guessed that might be it but did get a little confused since I checked if the site was mentioned before and there didn’t seem to be problems. I do understand why people wouldn’t want the sites spread around here though

To be fair, flagged things get deleted eventually, so you won’t be able to find all the ones that ended up like that. You’ll only be able to find ones that escaped flagging for one reason or another.


Mmm that makes sense, should’ve thought of that

Probably not all. I also flag topics sometimes to reopen them.


I used that website once, I didnt like the video quality.

I found out it is better to get the episodes in the meow website and the subtitles in kitsunekko. And I resync them with this wizardry called alass script :rofl:


I’m too stupid to get how the script works, I couldn’t even properly download the assets that are necerssary for it to run because I already got an error message with those :sob:

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I am not that tech savvy but I just followed the inscructions and it went great.

Just download python for windows and install it, this is the only thing missing in the tutorial, maybe that is the cause for the error.

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I use Aegisub, which is pretty manual.

I don’t know about this one, but sometimes I found a bad sub, so it can get more complicated than simple time shift.

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im not sure what a bad sub means

Something like long intermissions, and sometimes bad line breaks and bad characters.

Another one is large font size.


Ah yeah I had one issue with some intermission (seemingly a commerial break) for when I watched 最愛. But I mean, again just resynced it with a hotkey on the very first line after the break lol. I’ve been lucky enough to not have any bad character or line breaks, whatever that means

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alass scipt is great, in less than 5s is resynced, because you point out which subtitle in the episode you want to sync timing, so I always choose eng and it syncs perfectly.

I have tried before all those subtitle editors and they are all a real nightmare! :sweat_smile: