What does this mean in english?

恨み来恋恨み恋。It is a manga title.


well according to wikipedia the whole title with commas that slightly change the meaning. 『 恨み来、恋、恨み恋。 』(うらみこい こい うらみこい)

Guessing but potentially “resentment comes (first?), love and then resentful love.”


I asked my girlfriend what she thought and she said “マンガの独特のタイトルかな”

It’s just the author playing around with those words. It doesn’t make a sentence or anything.


Oh okay thank you both for the help. I was quite confused when i read it and it just sounded so weird.

I think it’s playing with the sounds.

I might be wrong, but I think in Japanese it’s relatively common to call/wish for things to come to you with “こいこい” (来い来い) as a formula. Like, “幸せ,こい,こい!”, “Come happiness, come, come!”

Here the title is “恨み” instead, and one of the “こい” sounds is replaced by “恋”, which is also pronounced こい but means “love” instead of “come.” So it would read as… “Resentment, come, love; Resentment, Love”, which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it sounds as “Resentment Come, Come” or something like that.

It it were me I’d translate it as something completely different, because it just doesn’t make sense to imitate the title in English. “Love Bitters” maybe? It’d depend on the content of the manga and I haven’t read it so I can’t tell!


so it’s more like a tongue twister then? rather than a coherent sentence?
cool :slight_smile:

I can see that and agree with that. It’s just when you read the title the grammar doesn’t make complete sense and you scratch your head and wonder what the hell they’re trying to convey.

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Oh yeah, it’s phonetic but absolutely senseless hahahah!

I think you get a lot of that with manga/anime/videogames, weird titles that only work in one level or kinda hint at something by the kanji (“This manga must be about 恨み and 恋 and that sounds dramatic!”) but make no actual sense. When they start adding random foreign languages it’s even worse/better…

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