What does 映画学 specifically refer to?

Hi there. I am curious if anyone could tell me what specifically 映画学 refers to. I know that it basically means Film Studies or Motion Picture Studies. In American colleges there are multiple degrees that relate to film and video production, and though they sound similar, they are not the same thing.

For example, at my college you could major in Film Production or Video Production, which are essentially the same major except that the prior deals in classic celluloid film while the latter deals in digital video production. Both emphasize learning the skills of actually making films/videos. But there was another degree called Film Studies, which essentially means the study of film. The emphasis is on learning film history and theory and often the real-world application is being a film critic or film scholar/teacher/historian etc.

So then with 映画学 I am wondering if this refers to either the production side, the scholarly side, or if it’s an all-encompassing term that encapsulates both.

Does anyone know?

Bonus question: My specific major in college was Video Production. Is there a more relevant word in Japanese for this than 映画学?

動画学, for instance? Or 動画作学? My IME recognizes both. I did some googling and found only 動画学習 as an alternative. Not to be confused with 学習動画, which would probably be “learning/training videos”.

I think 映画学 literally means “cinematography”, but Wikipedia has this to say: 映画学 - Wikipedia (the English page links to “film studies”).

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ビデオプロダクション :wink:


Thanks a lot. Figured it’d probably just end up being katakana. Hahaha.

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