Keep forgetting 映る、映す、写る、写す

these kanji are driving me insane :sob:
I always tend to mix them up.
how do guys manage to remember them?

As far as transitivity goes, if a pair has one that ends with す, that one will be transitive.


Here’s a really helpful video on that subject.


映る and 映す use 映 from 映画, so it makes me think of an old school movie projector, where the reel is projected on the screen. I hear the clicking noise it makes as it starts up and spins. Thinking of a movie projector gets me to the word “projector” for the definition.

For 写す and 写る, it looks like the beggar is squatting on something, so I imagine him putting his bare ass on a copy machine and pressing the big green button to make a “copy.”

So that gives me the difference between 映 and 写. From there, as Leebo said, I’ve internalized the transitivity rules. Then unfortunately I don’t have a good one to get from “to copy” to “to be photographed,” that one just stuck naturally for me somehow.

I don’t actively use these to remember at this point, it’s just the imagery that pops into my head with these ones, but maybe it’ll help you!


Let’s not forget 移る and 移す!

But yeah I think keeping the compound words in mind helps, as @Adrian0121 said. Keeping in mind things like 映画 and 写真.

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the hell. I’m not able to understand her/it whatever o_O

This post (comment) should cover just about everything in the video, and hopefully make it all even clearer:下がる_and_下げる/e5x90o0/

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Have you tried turning the captioning (CC) on? It might help.

Good idea XD i always forget about the cc feature of youtube. Will try this

thanks guys I think I got it now :grin::+1:t5:

very informative. it’s quite hard to follow because of her voice but I got the gist of it :blush:

your analogy helped alot. thanks for Sharon :blush:

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