What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

The limitation is that WK doesn’t supply audio files for kanji readings. I don’t know anyone who does. There is also the problem of what to do with kanji that have more than one reading. Which audio shall we play?

I would do the radical categorization myself for an extended kanji set.
I think the visual multi radical search has a larger set already.

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I think it may boil down to how much information you want to display about the kanji. With Item Inspector the WK information is built-in. You will get that without much effort. And you get export too. If you do a separate project you will have to integrate everything.

One possible approach may be to do the wkof+Item Inspector first because you can get a lot of functionality up and running quickly this way. Then you can move to the extended kanji as a separate project.

Yes, that’s a good idea, the wkof + item inspector version may be my first prototype (and useful for WK learners).

However, my ultimate goal is for this to be my default kanji lookup tool, and i regularly see non-WK kanji these days.
For me (high typing speed), it would be much faster and less annoying than drawing the kanji or any of the kanji search methods i tried.

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Just a heads up. You will run into a user interface issue. You may look at the Item List filter for an example. By default you have to type the radicals into a small one-line text input. The Visually Similar Kanji filter has solved this issue by inserting a dialog in the settings with a better UI. You may look at this code for a reference.

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Is there a script that would show how many items have moved to apprentice/guru level based on your latest review? I’m thinking something like Guru1 100(+10)

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The Heatmap script shows this information for the whole day. If you click on any day in the Heatmap you get this pop-up. The SRS column displays the SRS counts of the items before and after the review. There is also the score in the top right (+27), which indicates the net number of SRS levels advanced


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I completely missed this one O_o Thank you so much :blush:

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I miss the stroke order script that recently stopped working. Complementary to that, I would like to have an option to display a handwriting font by default, because I write out my reviews to practice writing.

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I like the transitive/intransitive pair item id for all those pesky verbs that have those parts of speech that so infuriate me.

I would love a selective lesson plugin that would allow me to choose what lesson I can learn (from the ones available), android app Jakeipuu does this like a pro, it offers the words and asks you which ones you wanna learn. Does this extension already exist, i.e. selective lessons?

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I don’t believe there is anything like this

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welcome to the community!! :partying_face:

lesson: show all vocab examples for kanji item

i’d like a script that lists all relevant wanikani vocab items (optionally even more from outside WK?) on the lessons page in the examples tab. it shows three but there’s a lot more that i like to look up to get a broader feeling of what the kanji represents.


on the kanji item page:

feasable? advisable? i guess it’s not the most intriguing of scripts to write (although what do i know) but it would speed up my lessons somewhat and avoid opening additional browser tabs.


Sounds like a good idea. I would probably do it myself if still had any lessons


well, that’s a pity but i’ve always wanted to learn how to code anyway, so why not start now and see how long it’ll take me until i can do something like the script i have in mind. :sweat_smile:

it’s funny cause i know a fair bit about programming but not how to program. over the years i’ve done some “hello worlds” in pascal, PHP, c++ and python only to repeatedly find out i have no particular projects i wanna realize - which has changed and JS seems to be versatile, beginner-friendly and relevant to what i have in mind. a perfect project for the upcoming lockdown as well.

any particular pointers to resources? i guess youtube seems the obvious choice to look for tutorials :smile:


For tutorials this is the best IMHO. And you have beginner friendly reference material there.

You will also need to use wkof to access WK data. The documentation is here.

The WK data is documented in the API here.

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I have ninja edited my previous post since you saw it.

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thank you :slight_smile: that will be the most fun for me - to see what all this WK open framework thing is about in detail and also how exactly APIs works. i have a vague concept but that doesn’t count as understanding it.


Can’t help you with this. I learned solely by looking at other scripts and googling sweat_smile