What do you want now? (Request extensions here)


I’m hitting a bug with the WK Double Check script where (as long as it is loaded) none of my reviews are counted. It seems to be a fairly recent behavior change.


Does anyone know if it would be possible to create a plugin which prevents you from accessing the forums when you have reviews (or lessons) available?

I could really do with such a script, but since they are separate sites, I’m not sure if it’s possible.


You could modify my [Lesson/Review Count in Forums] script.

On line 133, it gets the number of available reviews:

var reviews = json.requested_information.reviews_available;

Right after that, insert the following:

if (reviews > 0)
    window.location.href = 'https://www.wanikani.com/review';


Good idea!

The only problem is that I can’t get the script to work. Nothing is redirecting me to where I put in my API key.


Hmm. I’m assuming you’re using a script host? (TamperMonkey / GreaseMonkey, etc)
Are there any errors on the Javascript console? (Press F12 and click the Console tab)
Which browser are you using?


I’m using tampermonkey on chrome and i’m getting an unauthorization error (401).


Try going here manually:
and check if the API key is correct (it stores the key under a different name than some other scripts)


Thanks, it worked! Scripts have a habit of breaking for me, I think I’m just unlucky :man_shrugging:

The code you gave also works, so thanks! Hopefully this should prevent me from lazing around on the forums while I have reviews!


I’m wondering if there is a way to track accuracy long term? And something that could be broken up into its components? I know idigtech.com shows your accuracy currently, but I was hoping for a program that could tell me how I’m doing today vs say, three months ago. Would be helpful in identifying trends.


So, here’s what I would like: a categorizer. I want to be able to view:

  • All verbs;
  • Nouns;
  • Just the する and 来る verbs;
  • Just the な-adjectives;
  • Just the の-adjectives;
  • Just the い-adjectives;
  • the expressions (e.g. 久しぶり)
    and so on.
    So, the ones that I have unlocked, and if possible, all.

This would really help my grammar by helping me remember, use, and conjugate these. When I am busy with a grammar lesson about い-adjectives and wanting to play with て-form and くない for example.

Good idea?

I’ve been considering to make my own lists but not sure about the approach. If it could be made by someone who is good at userscripting, then man, that’d be fantastic!


This may already have been requested, but it’d be nice to have a level-up countdown. Basically, it’d grab the current SRS level of all your radicals and kanji and then use the timing formula of SRS0–>SRS1=4 hours, SRS1–>SRS2=8 hours, etc. and add that to the time to the next lesson with those kanji to total up how much time it will take (assuming you ace all reviews the minute they’re available) from the current time to level up. It could be accurate just to the hour ('cause that’s kinda where the level estimates are, unless the time to next level is less than an hour). I know the idigtech site gives an approximate level-up time, but I think that’s just based on an average. I’m hoping for something more accurate to where you currently are in your current level specifically.



On the stats site (idigtech), the ‘fastest’ column is exactly what you’re describing. It looks at all of your items’ srs levels (on the current level) and time-to-next-review, and figures out the soonest your kanji can cross the 90%-guru’d mark, i.e. soonest possible level-up.


Every time you burn an item, I would like to see a sexy anime manchest and some form of yelling.


Hello. I was wondering if a userscript that burns items on demand is possible. Due to my on-and-off habits in certain levels, I ended up with a lot of (around 365) leeches, I believe an abnormal amount for my level. Approximately two thirds of them are meaning mistakes and quite a few of them are from very old levels at this point.

I am sure that some of these are important, but frankly, I don’t want vocabulary items like youji and nyuusho clogging up my review queue for the bajillionth time. I’d rather just make peace with the fact that the item hasn’t stuck and get it out of my queue.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a button on the item’s definition page that moves it to the Burned category. I’m sure this is possible to some extent because I’ve seen a userscript before that nukes all of your reviews from orbit.


I don’t see what your point is. If you can’t answer them correctly then you don’t know them and need the extra reviews. Either way there is no such script and never will be, since you can only burn an item by answering it correctly at each level. Someone might make a script which automatically answers it correctly each time it comes up, but there is no way to trivially burn it.


The are better and less harmful ways to handle leaches than just burning them. Loading them inside an external system like Anki really helps.


Heh, there actually used to be a way (under very specific circumstances). I discovered it by accident while scripting. But I eventually remembered to tell Viet about it, so that hole is plugged.




I accidentally entered reading of the kanji to its meaning :frowning:
Could you do something to prevent that
Edit: Image


I don’t care if I “know” them or not. I want them gone from my review queues. I could either do this the slow, boring way of referencing the leech chart every time I come across an item for a couple of weeks or I could have it trivialized by just pushing a button and getting rid of them.

Either way, if it was patched and can’t be done, then it can’t be done. Too bad, I guess.