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Got it working, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, I was hoping something like this exists but could not find it. Is it possible to reorder your kanji learning to start with the ones that generate the biggest number of vocab words at the same level. There is nothing worse than completing you last few kanji and finding out that you have unlokced 60+ lessons with 20 vocab words from previous level. There is usually a bunch of kanji that only have one or two vocab words associated with them at the specific level so ideally, I would study and guru them last.

Maybe it’s already exists, but i didn’t find it. You all probably know about different “reorder” apps, but they’re mainly focused on reviews.
Sometimes, when you learn a new kanji, (let’s use 100-百 for example), you unlock a bunch or words related to this kanji, like 三百、八百 and maybe something else. But. What i want is a extension that allows me to reorder my lessons by myself (item by item), that you can put “easy” vocab straight to the top and learn it fast, saving more time for hardest words. This will probably reduce average lesson time by 1-2 days.
I’m 99% sure it’s possible, because i saw what “Ultimate reorder” can do with reviews.

Well, after reading what i texted, it’s probably the same what is jasenko looking for, but that’s only means it should be quite usefull.

bad london sry

There was a similar discussion here:

i.e. WaniKani Looking for a different answer…

I am waiting for an official update on this… Hopefully, it will arrive some day. I find it hard to create the Userscript for my own.

For example, on this page https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/委託, I want to blacklist “Consign” and “Entrust”.

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Someone mentioned this in another thread, but idk if it ever made it here.

In regards to similar kanji, I found this post (thread) of @anon20839864’s (I would’ve responded in that thread but it’s archived now. idk if this is the best place for this, but I couldn’t justify its own thread so here I am) :

Continuing the discussion from Visually Similar Kanji:

I’m hoping Kristen (or anyone else that may know) can respond to this letting us know if this is still in the works? And if it’s not, or if it will be a while still, maybe someone can throw together a script?

I’d really like to have similar kanji in my lessons, at the very least. Reviews would be nice too but having it in lessons would be a huge quality of life improvement for me. I’m certain there are others who feel similarly.

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This!!! I get tripped up by these all the time, mostly just because I have not bothered to look at them side by side and figure out how they are different…

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It’s not the complete thing, but you can use my Semantic-Phonetic script to see kanji that only differ in their radical. It doesn’t catch all similar kanji, but it covers all kanji, works in lessons, reviews, and lesson-reviews, and I feel it already does a better job than what’s offered as “similar kanji” by WK.

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I will definitely try it out. Thank you!

I’m also interested in having all similar kanji in one place, I might put a database together in the next weeks. The script/display part is basically solved already, so I may finish the new script in one or two months.

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If it works well and shows all similar kanji as it should, I’d be more than willing to throw a few bucks your way for your trouble. Especially if you’re able to release it within a month.

I’m currently working on a script that shows related verbs (transitive/intransitive versions, same kana, etc.), but it should be finished soon.

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There are plans to integrate similar kanji into lessons and reviews. We are just lumping the changes into the lessons and reviews redesign (we have speccing these out scheduled for Q1 and Q2 of 2018).

The past year has been mainly dominated by restructuring and optimizing server-side. We are excited to finally move onto front-end projects very soon :slight_smile:


Ah, okay, that sounds great! I appreciate the response, Viet. :v:

I have a script that lets you search for similar kanji based on elements. Though the result varies by kanji, it’s helpful if you focus a lot on radicals and tend to subconsciously deconstruct kanji.

Put more vocabularies in Found in Vocabulary section, Kanji info pages; based on Kanji definition I found in Kanjipedia.

New vocabs aren’t in SRS, I don’t mind; but they may aid in interpreting Kanji’s meaning.

I would love to be able to make my own “Wanikani flash card set” so I can memorize other kanji/ vocabulary that I am learning from other sources. I notice I tend to learn much faster using these style of cards but there are other words/ phrases I would like to add to Wanikani so if there is a way to do so my life would be just about complete​:sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Just a note, the “similar kanji” script is ready in case someone missed it:

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It’s a bit hard for me to explain because of my english, so i will draw you an image.
First of all, i know about existing extinstions like Reorder ultimate and Lesson balance and they don’t do the same job, especially with a large lesson number.
The main idea is: Before or in lessons user can reorder items by himself. He can move item from a normal WK (or whatever addon you use) order to “User order” to learn these items first. Why? Well, the obvious reason: there are probably some words that you already know, so you can learn them first and don’t waste time on them. And the second reason: for “same” words as kanji, like 駅、億、百 and so on. I’m pretty sure, if you mastered kanji do guru, you can do it one more time easily and don’t increase your lessons number with items you already know.

I hope my wall of text was understandable.