What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

There is this page, though. https://www.wanikani.com/lattice/vocabulary/status

Otherwise, see the STAT site. wkstats

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I didn’t know about the Lattice. That’s neat. And I found the stats site already, which I absolutely love. Between the two of them I’ve basically got what I need. Thanks.

I would like a script that randomizes the lessons. I get burned out fast if I have all kanji.

@ilvrbts If you just want to randomize your lessons, go to the settings page and change your Lesson ordering setting.
If you want to be able to limit the number of lessons of each type you take (with a shuffle option), there’s the Lesson Filter script.
If you want more control over reordering your lessons (with a shuffle option), there’s the Reorder Ultimate script.

just refreshing the page usually helps

Not if you have the new setting set. Then you’d always get the same items.

Maybe a way to learn reading > meaning (without kanjis)
Kanjis in vocabs helps understand the words but what if you speak with someone! :stuck_out_tongue:
Dunno if it already exists

I don’t how difficult this would be to implement, but for my learning I really like to differenciate between similar items by looking at them side by side. When is comes to the SRS and the way that WaniKani unveils things, I often unlock similar looking items far apart from each other. Then, given how often I do my reviews these items may never be in the same review pile. Meaning I won’t usually see these items near each other, and without being able to compare and contrast them I may not really pick up of the subtle differences. This can lead to confusion of these items, and continuation of leeches. Being able to see them side by side helps to solidify them in my mind, so I’m less likely to confuse them with another similar item when they come up. I would really like a place where I can bring up similar items and look at them next to each other in a clean, large and easy to read format kind in like a compare/contrast/spot-the-differece diagram or table. [If that makes any sense haha… I’ll be happy to answer any questions people may have with my request too.] I would like them to have the symbol for the item large on top with a succinct version of the info below it with the whole thing in a box color coded to the type of item it is (radical, kanji, or vocab). To compare, another item in the same formant would pop up horizontally adjacent to it. Ideally, I would like to be able to manually add and take away items to compare on that format, as well as load my API key into the system to autogenetate a diagram of similar items I’ve unlocked.

Another semi-similar request I have would be to have a drag and drop version of WaniKani items. When I was learning my kana I really benefited from the drag and drop programs of each for the same reasons. I was able to see all the kana in one place and compare and contrast the difference with them all spread out near each other instead of reviewing them one by one alone and never really seeing these differences. I feel like this tool was instrumental in giving me a very good recognition of the kana and I’m hoping a similar thing can be done with wanikani on a much larger scale.


you’re not being very clear in what you want. What I understand is you want to get rid of the breakdown and examples tabs when learning vocabulary?

I recommend using this script. WK actually already has a visually similar kanji feature (on each item’s info page), but this is far superior (I don’t even know why the official one exists since it doesn’t really do what it’s supposed to).


Do they mean they want to practice kana to meaning? There’s a script for that, isn’t there? (Possibly made by…you.)

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This is awesome! I didn’t even know this existed. I’ll definitely use it. It’s very similar to what I want, but it’s like the bare bones version of it. Ideally, I’d want reading underneath with the meanings as well. Also, I like to be able to do this with vocab and radicals. I know I can search for all vocab that share a particular kanji, but I hate the layout of the page with everything stacked vertically across the full length of my window. It’s mostly just placing the most info into the most aesthetically pleasing version expanding from the script you linked. That may be too particular to how I’d like it to be though, so I’m really happy to have access to the script you linked. :blush:

Nop. In wk the vocabs you learn this way:
vocabs containing kanjis => meaning
vocabs containing kanjis => reading
and in kaniwani meaning => reading.

I would like to be able to learn in the way vocabs without kanjis => meaning

Instead of having this, we would have this

Edit : so yeah like riccyjay said!

Ow, ok, no problem. I got you…

As it turns out, you were right :stuck_out_tongue:

ウ!ウ!ウ!ウ!ウ! I have an idea I have an idea!

I’m using the Wanikani Self-Study Quiz Edition script and I’d love to have a similar script that would work on the critical items page. Would this be possibru?

My critical items list is growing… I’ve got 二十 on there now! And I’m afraid this list will only get larger…

^^^ Wrong link for some reason :slight_smile:
[correct link]

When I update my scripts to use APIv2, the new version will probably support the Critical items. I want to fix up this script more than all the others!

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Woops. Adjusted the link in my post. :blush:

That’s great news. Thanks! :cherry_blossom:

Ow, ok, no problem. I got you…

Awesome thanks!
I think that it would be a good idea to do it outside of the wk reviews, to review the vocabs both ways with and without kanjis. What do you think?

Maybe it is possible with houhou? Never used it so i’m not sure and prefer to ask before trying.

(T’es français non ^^ ?)

hehehey by the way @rfindley I could use your self study quizz script to do this by changing it a bit. I will give it a try tomorrow and see if I can change it to only show kana. Must be easy I believe.

If I understand correctly, I think this is already possible in the preset configuration menu. It should be the “Reading → Meaning”.