What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I thought that was a feature of the Additional Filters script, but perhaps I am wrong. I never use it myself, so I very well may be

There’s a similar filter there, but not exactly.

That’s the script I am talking about…

I know, just linking it for latecomers. @jeff8v7 already posted there.

The Additional Filters has some good ones, but I’m still looking for a “Recent Reviews” filter. Maybe I’ll see if I can add one myself :wink:

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@Sinyaven’s ConfusionGuesser userscript made me wonder:

Would it be possible to make a script that automatically enters an incorrect answer when you hit “Enter” while the answer field is empty? Maybe just “I don’t know” for meaning reviews, and “知らない” for reading reviews (hopefully the English string wouldn’t ever be marked as “correct” by being close enough to something else).

I know I’ve seen a script that adds a button to do this, but I’m specifically hoping for a convenient keyboard shortcut that doesn’t add anything to the UI. Maybe there could be a setting to either advance to the next review automatically (just press Enter once), or to show the wrong answer and require a second Enter press to continue. I guess the latter would be more useful to me personally, since I use @DaisukeJigen’s Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer to show me what to type the next time the review comes up.


There are also times that I deliberately want to mark something wrong, even though I know what the answer is. Maybe Shift+Enter could be a hard-coded “mark wrong and advance to the next review simultaneously” command, regardless of the default setting/behavior :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here you go. I have not tested it much, so if you need something changed let me know.


Any interest in something like this?

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Anyone know if there’s a script to automatically reload the main page when new reviews become available? The information on when new reviews are coming is already there, so seems like it should be fairly straightforward. Could even just reload once each hour on the top of the hour I guess. I guess ideally it would only refresh the element that shows how many reviews are ready. Maybe this is something the WaniKani team itself should tackle though :thinking:

Hmm, I made one (it’s called “Real (Time) Numbers”) but I don’t think it’s updated for the new dashboard layout. Not sure when I will have time either

It looks nice! I think there are some extensions that can serve a similar purpose from what I have read on the forums.

I should add however that this could be the first user script I use (on occasion) for WaniKani (since I usually do reviews on mobile) if you do…

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Hello fellas!

Is there a script that will let you remove the vocabulary from the lessons and reviews, an subtract that from the total that shows on the home screen and review/lesson screens?

i know i can ignore the vocab with the reorder script, but that doesn’t change the numbers on the screens, so they just pile up :frowning:

If it’s possible to do i would be extremely thankful.

There is no such script as no one would recommend ignoring vocab


I agree with Kumirei. Please do the vocab!

If you want to pretend you burned everything, see this:


I try to limit the number of lessons I do per day to 20. I find that if I do more than 20 lessons per day, my retention suffers. But if I finish my 20 lessons and have just a few lessons left in the queue, I find it very hard not to do those too, and suffer the consequences the next few days when I can’t remember what I tried to learn.

What I would like is a script that counts the number of lessons I have done per day, and if I have done my 20, it hides the number of lessons remaining until tomorrow, making it look like I have none left. Or disables the New lessons button and replaces it with a text saying: “No more lessons today” or something like that. Is that even possible?

It’s not really about burning things, but being more efficient. i think the way wanikani teaches vocabulary is awful and it feels more like a liability than anything else, but that doesn’t mean i don’t study vocabulary. I just do it outside wanikani in a way i feel is more productive.

WaniKani Regret

  • Regret not doing the review when the times come, causing backlog.
  • Tell when you should actually do the review (in the past).

extension/scripts request:
I recently had as much as 450 reviews, now down just under 300… I’m usually using my phone to do reviews. I’d like to know if anyone made an extension that makes the home button a little larger. I also use the lightning script and having them side-by side, I end up pressing both. I think increasing the size of the home button, if possible, for mobile use would be helpful when I need to put a hold on my reviews.


Consider using a third-party app.
If on Android, try Flaming Durtles.
If on iOS, try Tsurukame.

On Android. Thanks, I wasn’t aware of that app, so I’ll try it out.

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