What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

I’m looking for a userscript for the review summary page which plays a quick listening game with the vocab items I just studied.

I have more details if anyone’s interested in coding…

Or, if there’s an existing script for the review summary page that I could look at to get started, I’ll might take a swing at it myself…

With the Self Study Quiz and Additional Filters scripts you can filter for recent items, I think. Not sure if it would do exactly what you want, though

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Thanks @kumirei - that gets me pretty close with “Audio Quiz” (meaning only) for “Apprentice Items”.

Ideally, I was looking for something which moves quickly through the items (listening speed instead of typing speed). Something like iKnow rapid choice, which gives a simple A/B multiple choice with a 3 second timer.

If I select the wrong answer, the question moves down a few places in the queue and I’ll get it again.

The idea is to keep moving quickly… so I’m remembering rather than thinking.

But, I’ll definitely try this one for a while, and see how I like it.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hmm… while the Self-Study Quiz “Audio Quiz” (meaning only in lightening mode) is decent, yet the iKnow rapid choice is better in a few ways (in my experience anyway)

  1. Incorrectly answered items are retested 4-5 words later (until you get it right). So, you have to learn it, even if it takes 3 or 4 tries.

  2. the 3 second timer keeps things moving quickly. There’s no time to “think about it”. Either you know it cold or you don’t. (Conversation speed, rather than reading speed).

  3. A/B multiple choice (while lame for most things) has a few advantages over typing here. It’s quick (1 character hotkey), no typos, and unambiguous (i.e. when typing きく has 4 possible answers).

  4. SPEED - the multiple choice and 3 second timer together means 100 word review takes less than 5 minutes :slight_smile:

Seems like these 3 features (re-test incorrect answers, timer, A/B test) could be helpful in general, not just for rapid choice listening.

Anyone interested in coding these? Reward offered!

Couldn’t find this anywhere so I assume it’s not suggested yet. So here is my suggestion:

A script that automatically reads out loud the vocab once you hit next in the Review, or reads out loud the vocab once you go to the Reading section in the Lesson would greatly help reinforce the vocab pronunciation in Wanikani.

I know in Kaniwani there is a similar script, but haven’t found one for Wanikani.

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Thank you! I didn’t look into the unsupported script, my bad.

I use it myself so if it ever breaks I’ll most likely send Seanblue an update


In Self-Study Quiz, you could do a rapid audio quiz like this:

  • Just say the answer out loud instead of typing anything.
    • If you get it right, just press ctrl-right to move to the next question without typing anything.
    • If you get it wrong, put an “x” in the answer field to mark it wrong
    • If you need to see the answer, press F1 or ?
  • Press ctrl-right to move on to the next question.
  • When you reach the end of the quiz (or if you press escape to quit early), you’ll see a summary screen with all of the ones you marked wrong, and you can click the Re-quiz button to review just the ones you marked.

cool! thx :slight_smile:

[Request] Blacklist words.
Just got back from laughing my ass off on the typo thread, and it made me realize that some words need to be blacklisted for some users. Like “To increase” for “To decrease” and so on. I think a script would be nice for this.

Oh, but there is a blacklist, which is constantly being updated. If you see a word which should be blacklisted but isn’t, you can let the Content Updates team know! More than likely, it already will be…

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thanks @Kumirei & @rfindley for the tips on self-study quiz for rapid audio reviews! After a week using it, I can say it’s an amazing addition to my study. After each lesson session, I do a quick audio review of “recent lessons”. Fantastic!

I’d love to do a similar rapid audio review after each review session, but I don’t see a “Recent reviews” filter. Any hints?

I thought that was a feature of the Additional Filters script, but perhaps I am wrong. I never use it myself, so I very well may be

There’s a similar filter there, but not exactly.

That’s the script I am talking about…

I know, just linking it for latecomers. @jeff8v7 already posted there.

The Additional Filters has some good ones, but I’m still looking for a “Recent Reviews” filter. Maybe I’ll see if I can add one myself :wink:

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@Sinyaven’s ConfusionGuesser userscript made me wonder:

Would it be possible to make a script that automatically enters an incorrect answer when you hit “Enter” while the answer field is empty? Maybe just “I don’t know” for meaning reviews, and “知らない” for reading reviews (hopefully the English string wouldn’t ever be marked as “correct” by being close enough to something else).

I know I’ve seen a script that adds a button to do this, but I’m specifically hoping for a convenient keyboard shortcut that doesn’t add anything to the UI. Maybe there could be a setting to either advance to the next review automatically (just press Enter once), or to show the wrong answer and require a second Enter press to continue. I guess the latter would be more useful to me personally, since I use @DaisukeJigen’s Fast Abridged Wrong/Multiple Answer to show me what to type the next time the review comes up.


There are also times that I deliberately want to mark something wrong, even though I know what the answer is. Maybe Shift+Enter could be a hard-coded “mark wrong and advance to the next review simultaneously” command, regardless of the default setting/behavior :stuck_out_tongue:

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Here you go. I have not tested it much, so if you need something changed let me know.