What do you want now? (Request extensions here)

Could someone please make a script that would display the part of speech above the Vocab pleas? On my laptop I have too keep scrolling down after every vocab review. having it displayed above the vocab or higher would be good.

I’d like something that improves the wrap-up button for those people who sometimes have to cut the wrap-up short and would like to maximise the amount of progress they make. It’d be helpful if it would reorder reviews after the ‘wrap up’ button is pressed to prioritise items that have received one of the two answers required. It might also try and put radicals and kanji that haven’t been guru-d in the 10 if there’s room, but I’m less fussed about that - it’d be just as useful for it to make the wrap-up for only items that are half-completed.

What do you mean by “haven’t been googled”?

This isn’t what you asked for specifically, but could help: [Userscript] Wanikani Wrap-up Button Enhancement

I am very tired, apparently - I meant “haven’t been guru-d”.

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I need an anki-like setup on my android phone. Reveal answer button -> correct/incorrect buttons.

I’m ok with typing when I’m able to use computer, but on the phone it’s very time consuming or close to impossible to do while on treadmill, for example.

If the setup comes with working reorder scripts, I wouldn’t mind)

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I’m wondering if anyone would be able to make an equivalent of “Auto-commit; the end of the enter key” script for KaniWani. I posted a request to the original creator but they haven’t responded yet and their icon doesn’t even have a level circle–don’t know what that means. Did they leave WaniKani?

Anyways, what I said there was:
I was wondering if you (or anyone with the capabilities) could make a similar script for KaniWani. I’d like to start using KaniWani to help with vocabulary recall, but the need for repeatedly pressing the enter key is a bit of a barrier. Also, such a script would help with the frustration of putting in the “wrong” girl (女子、女の子、少女) answer, since you would have a chance to “correct” your answer when you realized the word you chose isn’t entering.

I don’t know about making scripts, but I think this could be fairly simple, if perhaps time consuming, as long as you had the basis of the WaniKani script.

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Hey, I’m just wondering if anyone has made any Android and FitBit compatible apps?

What I would love is something that is just a basic flashcard (no testing) that I can swipe through… Maybe set to different lists (Apprentice kanji only, Leeches only, etc?). 漢字/KanjiMeaningandReading

Is there anything like that already?

(I just got an Inspire HR today and I’ve always wanted to have some kind of Wanikani on a smartwatch… And this is the closest thing I have to one of those!)

Can you include the site https://kananji.com/ at the list?

As an extension to my previous idea, I would like an input field for “short hints” that I want to show up for particular leech kanji. If you enter a wrong answer, it shakes and gives you a hint that appears next to the kanji. If you get it right the next time, it either passes as normal or stays where it is and doesn’t fall down.

Also I would like the correct answer to show up next to the kanji automatically after the final tumble-down de-leveling failure of a kanji or vocabulary. I hate hate hate scrolling down and loading for it.

Is there maybe already a script that shows the amount of radicals, kanji, vocabulary that you still have to do in your current review session?

I mean having something like this in the review session, not just in lessons:



Is there any way to access a list of all the items that are currently stuck in the “apprentice” SRS levels?

I’m really desperate to clear some leeches, and I’m frustrated that I can’t see any way to put them all in one place to proactively review them or narrow them down to the most critical leeches, excluding those that are closer to burning.

Yes, you can look this up on https://wkstats.com:10001/login
and filter to your liking

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Hello I have been looking at the API list and am looking for a way to printout or view my items stuck at apprentice level. I have probably ~30 items that are always stuck there and I am looking to memorize them on my own. I may have missed a script that does that so I am sorry if I have.

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This is not what you’re looking for but maybe it’s an alternative that could work too:
You could use the Self-Study Quiz script, which allows you to filter by SRS level. Additional filters, that are linked in the post, allow Leech training as well. Both seem useful to me in your situation!

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In addition to what avalia said, if you just want to see which items are stuck, https://www.wkstats.com/v2/items/wanikani has all kinds of sorting and filtering options.
Open the config, and turn off all but your Apprentice items, then look at the ones older than your current level.

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Is there a script that helps you tackle down level by level. For example I see 80 reviews know because I’m back to level 1 - 3 because my subscription is down. But this would be helpful if I could choose a level that I wanna focus one for the next week instead of all the 950 reviews from all the levels.

You can use the reorder script to sort by and filter out levels

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Do we have already have a script that shows the amount of Apprentice/Guru/… items per type on the dashboard?
So, e.g.: I have 100 Apprentice items but I would like to see that there are 20 radicals, 20 kanji and 60 vocabulary items at the Apprentice stage.

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Awesome, thank you!

I think I even had that installed at some point :woman_facepalming: , I don’t know why I couldn’t find it again. Thanks :slight_smile:

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